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CH Foggy Bottom's Ell-Oh-Vee-Ee-Why-Oh-You

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Registered Name: Foggy Bottom's Ell-Oh-Vee-Ee-Why-Oh-You
Prefix Titles: CH
Breeder: Cindy Munier McDonald
Owner: Kim Kiefer
Kaylee Davidson
Kennel: Foggy Bottom
Sire: Wyncrest Clear Creek Once Upon A Dream BCAT CA CGCA VC ROMvB
Dam: Foggy Bottom's Resting On My Laurels
Call Name: Clem
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: 17 FEB 2019
Date of Death:
Cause of Death:
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
Colour: Brindle and White
Distinguishing Features:
Known Offspring:
Registration#: DN57498707
Fluff Carrier, EE/BB/DD
Foggy Bottom's As You Wish
Foggy Bottom's I Will Never Love Again RN SWN SHDN SCA SIA BCAT CGCA* CGCU* TKN VC*
Foggy Bottom's Stormn' The Castle
Foggy Bottom's Tru Wuv


Category Registry ID or Results Date
DM: Other Clear

Foggy Bottom's Ell-Oh-Vee-Ee-Why-Oh-You

Wyncrest Clear Creek Once Upon A Dream BCAT CA CGCA VC ROMvB

Turn-Key's Little Big Man RN ROMvG

Sisterwood's Black Arrow

Bridgelady's Front Paige News RA ROMb

Mockingbird-Wyncrest's I Believe in Magic RN OAP NJP OFP CA CGC VCX ROMVb

C-Myste Baledwr Pursuit of Happiness AM CD RN HSAsd HXAsM OAP AJP RAT-O TT MVCX ROM-V-G

Cardiridge Jean Louise Finch RN HT CA ROMb

Foggy Bottom's Resting On My Laurels

Kingsbury Red Dragon of Claymore, CGC TKN ROMG-V

Twinroc Santa Paws PT ROMg

Claymore's Madame Butterfly ROMb

Summit Foggy Bottom IWannaBLuvdByU, BN, FDC TKN CGC ROMVSilver

Foggy Bottom Wdrs I Aim To Misbehave RN BN CGC

Sumjammin I Want You! At Fb