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MBISS AM/CAN CH Phi-Vestavia Nautilus PT CGC ROMVP

picture of dog
Registered Name: Phi-Vestavia Nautilus PT CGC ROMVP
Prefix Titles: MBISS AM/CAN CH
Breeder: Cathryn (Cathy) Ochs-Cline
Patrick Ormos
Owner: Cathryn (Cathy) Ochs-Cline
Patrick Ormos
Kathy Steele
Helen B. Turin
Kennel: Phi-Vestavia
Sire: Salvenik Sea Treasure ROM-V-G
Dam: Phi's Amazing Grace Ap Ronel ROM-V-G
Call Name: Percy
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 28 JAN 1989
Date of Death: 3 MAY 2004
Cause of Death:
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
Colour: Brindle and White
Distinguishing Features:
Known Offspring:
Ceara Spectrum Wish Me Luck
Chaos's Tangled N My Heart HSAs
Chimera Caffrey
Chimera Guiness
Chimera Killian's Red
Chimera Saranac
Chimera Tullamore Dew
Chimera's Keegan OA OAJ
Coldstream Abigail's Advice
Coldstream Amethyst
Davenitch Mistwood Oswin
Denlars Cowboy Corky
Grangefield Easyintheeyes
Grangefield Eloquent Eloise
Grangefield Evening Endevour
Grangefield Evening Escopade
Grangefield Evening Escort
Heart Of Gold Dj's Prize II CDX ASCA CD HCT TDI CGC
Heartogold Beautiful Bronwyn
Heartogold Naughty By Nature
Kennebec Crystal Jade NA NAJ
Kennebec Little Dickens CDX RAE MX MXJ MJB NAP NJP
Kingsbury's Copyright CD
Kingsbury's Curious George
Llynfferm Brigatine Bark
Llynfferm Jolly Tar
Llynfferm Lil Bit Nautical
Llynfferm Sea Witch
Llynfferm Windjammer
Maggie Bugbear
Mc Lea's Captain Nemo
McLea's Admiral
Mistwood Midnite Mercedes
Mistwood Spectrum Of Warwick
Oakcreek Im No Angel
Oakcreek Mr Milton Bradley
Phi Vestavia Tahlmorra
Phi Vestavia Tapestry
Phi Vestavia Tilghman B
Phi Vestavia Tristan Jasper
Phi Vestavia Truth Or Dare PT ROMs
Phi-Vestavia Andrew's Pride CD
Phi-Vestavia Fullmoon Fever CD
Phi-Vestavia Gailewinds
Phi-Vestavia Glad Rags
Phi-Vestavia Gold Digger
Phi-Vestavia Good Gracious ROMs
Phi-Vestavia Goshen Golly
Phi-Vestavia Great Guns
Phi-Vestavia Hialeah
Phi-Vestavia Hosanna HSAs
Phi-Vestavia Jovone Quadrille
Phi-Vestavia Neon Black RN HT ROMs
Phi-Vestavia Neptune
Phi-Vestavia Not Austinpower
Phi-Vestavia Pacific Scout
Phi-Vestavia Penolope
Phi-Vestavia Peter Pan
Phi-Vestavia Pride Of Copenhaver
Phi-Vestavia Quartermaster
Phi-Vestavia Quartz Movement
Phi-Vestavia Quasimodo
Phi-Vestavia Queron Merlyn TDI
Phi-Vestavia Quite A Lady
Phi-Vestavia Thief In The Night CD
Phi-Vestavia Tigre Noir THD CGC
Phi-Vestavia Trouble in Chaos ROMb
Phi-Vestavia Ubiquity
Phi-Vestavia Ultra Fashen
Phi-Vestavia Ultrasonic
Phi-Vestavia Unbeatable
Phi-Vestavia Undercover Angel
Phi-Vestavia Unforgettable
Phi-Vestavia Untouchable
Phi-Vestavia Upsy Daisy
Plache's Tylwyth Teg
Rulin Red Sails N The Sunset
Rulin's CC Rider Of Pharob
Rulin's Rhythm Of The Rain
Shadowalk Glory Hallelujah
Shadowalk Glory Road
Shadowalk Instant Amore
Shadowalk Instant Insanity
Shadowalk Instant Reaction
Shadowalk Kharisma
Shadowalk Kiss 'N Tell
Shadowalk Kloud Nyne
Shadowalk Kraeken Afara
Shadowalk Phi-Vestavia Ikon ROMb
Spectrum Bobbies Tinker Bell
Spectrum Bosworth Hotspur
Spectrum Card Of Larchmont
Spectrum Foxie Roxie
Spectrum Harlem Shuffle ROMs
Spectrum King Artiechoke
Spectrum Taxi Dancer ROMb
Sunnybank's Aesha Blue
Sunnybank's Lil Rascal Petey
Sunnybank's Sebastian
Sunnybank's Social Splash
Troubadour Blaze Of Glory
Twinroc Brianne's Bribe
Twinroc Caught Red Handed
Twinroc Double Diamond
Twinroc Joan of Bark
Twinroc Just A Gigolo
Twinroc Lucy Angela Mia
Twinroc Ranger Bowdrie
Twinroc Sir Scram Anklebiter
Twinroc Social Justice
Twinroc Steel Magnolia HSAs
Twinroc Tea Rose Of Caralan PT
Twinroc Top Hat 'N Tail
Twinroc Vestavia Puzzle Play
Vestavia Sea Breeze BN RE CAX
Vestavia Spindrift
Warwick-Larchmont Bodacious ROMg
Warwicks Spectrum Kazaam
Warwicks White Collar Crime
Warwicks Whitewater
Woodrose Whaletta Wynne
Woodrose Whirlwind
Woodrose Whiz Kid
Woodrose Wilhelmina
Woodshire Mickey Morley
Woodshire's Joint Venture
Woodshire's Razz-A-Ma-Tazz
Woodshire's Strange Luck
Registration#: D857015
Alt. Registry: CKC
Photo ad 1992 CWCCA Jubilee Show Catalog. Photo ad in Vol 25 #2 - Summer 1992 Cardigan News-Bulletin Back Cover. Photo ad in Vol 25 #3 Autumn 1992 Cardigan News-Bulletin pg 35. AOM at the 1991 CWCCA nat'ls with an entry of 142, Betty Moore judging. AOM at the 1992 CWCCA nat'ls with an entry of 286, Ms. Andrea Vrana Ternus judging. Placed Third in the Stud Dog class at the �94 CWCCA nat�ls, Janet Robinson judging. First Round Select Brindle Dog in First Annual Megan at the '94 CWCCA nat'ls. BOB at the �96 CWCCA nat�ls, Michelle Billings judging. 1st in Veterans & Stud Dog, 1996 National. 1st Stud dog, 1997 National Specialty, Peter Clifton judging. 1st Herding Titled Dog, AOM & 1st Stud Dog 2000 National Specialty. Bridget Smeeton judging. Best Veteran & Best of Breed, 1996 CWCCWR Specialty, Ken Linacre judging. Photo front cover, cover story pg 6, ad pg 7, photo pg 35 w/sons (Stud Dog) & 37 (BOB) in Vol 29 #2 Specialty 1996 Cardigan News-Bulletin Placed First in Stud Dogs at the '97 CWCCA nat'ls Peter Clifton judging.
Phi Vestavia Vox Of Waldsee
Phi-Vestavia Merrymoon Vice
Phi-Vestavia Nichat Ula Mauna
Phi-Vestavia Notorious
Phi-Vestavia Tiger Maple UD
Phi-Vestavia Valencia ROMb
Phi-Vestavia Victorian Lace CDX NA
Phi-Vestavia Von Buster


Category Registry ID or Results Date
PRA: Other Tested clear, registered

Phi-Vestavia Nautilus PT CGC ROMVP

Salvenik Sea Treasure ROM-V-G

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Joseter Mudwin
Downholme Golden Beauty
Kentwood Gwenda

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Phi's Amazing Grace Ap Ronel ROM-V-G

Tessaract's Pete Of Santana
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