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AM CH Warwick-Larchmont Bodacious ROMg

picture of dog
Registered Name: Warwick-Larchmont Bodacious ROMg
Prefix Titles: AM CH
Owner: Patricia Jensen
Lynnda Lopez
Sire: Phi-Vestavia Nautilus PT CGC ROM-V-G
Dam: Spectrum Warwicks Shazaam
Call Name:
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 22 MAR 1996
Date of Death:
Cause of Death:
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
Colour: Brindle and White
Distinguishing Features:
Known Offspring:
Baewyn Jiwbili Madrigal
Baewyn Telltail Bottom's Up
Baewyn Telltail Hedda Hopper
Baewyn's Catch Me If You Can
Baewyn's Trixi
Brynmawr Elegant Debut
Brynmawr Enter The Knight
Chaps Countryrose O Seven C's
Chaps Ffallian Brych Coegyn
Chaps Merlyn Cuchulainn
Chaps Puffyr Quinn
Chaps Samuel Ben Joseph
Dwysans Eye Of The Storm
Faerie Glen Jaeovahni
Faerie Glen Jasmine
Faerie Glen Jeweled Jackie CDX
Faerie Glen Jordan
Faerie Glen Juliet
Heart Of Gold Blind Ambition
Heart Of Gold Dare To Dream
Heart Of Gold Eweser Friendly RAE HSAs HIAs NJP
Heart Of Gold Ice Princess
Heart Of Gold Lil Dream Maker CD RAE
Heart Of Gold's Kiss Me Kate
Heart Of Gold's Ns Black Pearl
Heartofgold In The Spotlight
Kazcor Captain Corki
Kazcor First Thought
Kazcor Red Hot And Brindle
Larchmont Absolutely Heartogld
Larchmont Be Daisy
Larchmont Be Mysterious
Larchmont Black Tie Optional
Larchmont Bodiddley
Larchmont Boshay
Larchmont Brave Sir Lancelot
Larchmont Brin Chester
Larchmont Kimberee Vanity Fair
Larchmont Mor'cookies Please
Larchmont Otillia
Larchmont Rex Of Corgndox
Larchmont Vindicator
Larchmont Vivacious
Larchmont Voldemard
Larchmont Voltaire At Aldershon
Larchmont's Bogus ROMs
Larchmont-Reese D'Lighted
Larchmont-Reese D'Mure
Larchmont-Reese D'Niro
Larchmont-Reese D'Vious
Larchmonts Abbey By The Bay
Larchmonts Adora
Larchmonts Albert Einstein
Larchmonts All Shook Up
Larchmonts Ambiance
Larchmonts Ambition
Larchmonts Auspicious
Larchmonts Babycakes
Larchmonts Bin Merlot
Larchmonts Bindibrin
Larchmonts Boutique
Larchmonts Bronson Huntington
Larchmonts Brynna
Larchmonts Center Stage
Larchmonts Cherry Pie ROMs
Larchmonts Cutie Pie
Larchmonts Desperado
Larchmonts Ikarus
Larchmonts Mateo Hairy Pants
Larchmonts Mocha Swirl
Larchmonts Mondavi
Larchmonts Morgan
Larchmonts Ms Terra
Larchmonts Renegade
Larchmonts Toulouse Latrec
Larchmonts Whoopi Doo
Larchmonts Woo Woo
Llewellyn Mariah Of Mclea
Llewellyn Rhiann Of Mclea
Llewellyn Rhys Of Mclea
Llewellyn Rosemary O' Mclea
Llewellyn's Bentley Of Ald
Llewellyns Dylan O McLea
Llynhill American Beauty ROMb
Llynhill Autumn Breeze ROMb
Llynhill Autumn Flash
Llynhill Autumn Knight
Llynhill Autumn Serenade
Llynhill Cleopatra
Llynhill Once In A Millenium
Llynhill Royal Americana
Mariel's Harvest Moon
Mariel's Mira
Mariel's Whiskey Lullaby
Mariels Bold Spirit
Mariels Flying Nun
Mariels Flying Spirit RN, FDC
Mariels Patriot's Dream HSAs
Mariels Spring Spirit
Reese-Haven Ultimate Dandee
Reese-Haven Undeniable
Reese-Larchmont D'Ceptive
Reese-Larchmont D'Fiant
Reese-Larchmont D'Licious
Reese-Larchmont D'Vine
Serah Aiding And Abetting
Serah Indecent Exposure
Shamrock's Justagal
Shamrock's Purely Amazing
Shamrock's Roy'L Grace
Shamrocks Buckaroo Kiss PT
Shamrocks Dandy Dinsdale PT
Tarea Llynhill Audacious
Tarea Llynhill Cruiser
Registration#: DL62940102
Registry: AKC
Warwicks Spectrum Kazaam
Warwicks White Collar Crime
Warwicks Whitewater


Category Registry ID or Results Date
Hips: OFA WCC-670G33M-T GOOD
PRA: Other Tested Clear

Warwick-Larchmont Bodacious ROMg

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