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AM/JAP/INTL CH Pluperfect Pennywise ROMs

picture of dog
Registered Name: Pluperfect Pennywise ROMs
Prefix Titles: AM/JAP/INTL CH
Breeder: Jon Kimes
Kennel: Pluperfect
Sire: Phi-Vestavia Evan Evans ROMs
Dam: Windshyre's Murphie Brown
Call Name: Labasheeda
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 17 JUL 1994
Date of Death:
Cause of Death:
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: Japan
Colour: Red and White
Distinguishing Features:
Known Offspring:
Abbey Lige Godlove
Canterbury Alexander TG
Canterbury Mischievous Mandy
Canterbury Scully Foxx
Canterbury Tessa Of Falstaff
Canterbury's Sir Willy Covo
Cavalier Count Your Pennies RN NAP NJP PT
Cavalier Holly's Ha'Penny HT CGC
Cavalier Skyrocketing Penny
Cavalier's Lincoln Penny NJP
Cavalier's Patriotic Penny RN NJP HSAd JHD VC
Cavalier's Pretty Penny RN NA NAJ NJP
Chandler's Black Ice
Chandler's Brindle Bedazzler
Chandler's Brindle Brocade
Glenmar Diamond In The Ruff
Glenmar Dunlop
Glenmar Freckles
Glenmar Missouri Belle
Glenmar Suncatcher 'N Scarlett
Glenmar Suncatcher N Cinnabar
Glenmar Suncatcher N Fushia
Harbor Grace's Amy's Lexi
Harbor Grace's Hart
Harbor Grace's Qwilleran
Harbor Grace's Spamtastic
Harbor Grace's Templeton
Kingsbury Reflection In Red
Kingsbury's Dubl Da Trubl
Kingsbury's Mirror Image ROMb
Kingsbury's Perfect Copy CD NA NAJ
Kingsbury's Tribute
Kingsbury's Winifred
Little Ann
Pluperfect Penny Earned
Pluperfect Pennyroyal
Pluperfect Peter Pan
Pluperfect Picture The Night
Pluperfect Pound Foolish
Pluperfect Progressive Jazz
ST. Gwenfrewi
Trapper John, D-O-G
Twinroc Poet of Pluperfect HSAs ROMs
Twinroc Sir Reginald Wade
Twinroc Sophie Sox
Twinroc's Crimson Tide
Twinroc's Tapestry
Windshyre Pluperfect Poodle
Windshyre Polo of Pluperfect
Windshyre's Chip Of Glory
Windshyre's Foxy
Windshyre's Wild Willy
Registration#: DL54075803 10-95
Registry: AKC
Photo ad in Vol 28 #1 Spring 1995 Cardigan News-Bulletin pg 97. Photo ad Vol 29 #2 Nat'l Specialty 1996 Cardigan News-Bulletin pg 64.
Pluperfect Parasol
Pluperfect Pastel
Pluperfect Pennywise
Pluperfect Peter Gunn
Pluperfect Petersham NA


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PRA: Other PRA Line cleared

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