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DK CH Glendower Buandroed Blueblaidd

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Registered Name: Glendower Buandroed Blueblaidd
Prefix Titles: DK CH
Kennel: Glendover
Sire: Sankt-Cardis Blue Delfi
Dam: Rhiwelli Mountain Pride
Call Name:
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 5 MAY 1987
Date of Death:
Cause of Death:
Country of Birth: United Kingdom
Country of Residence: Denmark
Colour: Blue Merle and White
Distinguishing Features:
Known Offspring:
Avonaire Camellia Jewel
Avonaire Chantilly Blue Lace
Avonaire Classic Ice Blue
Avonaire Clear Blue Challenger
Avonaire Clever Country Boy
Avonaire Cool Casual Cooky
Avonarie Capricorn Blue Crystal
Sankt-Cardi Jet Black Ottilie
Sankt-Cardis Black Pondo
Sankt-Cardis Blue Devils Offa
Sankt-Cardis Blue Devils Olivia
Sankt-Cardis Blue Devils Ossian
Sankt-Cardis Blue Devils Otte
Sankt-Cardis Blue Devils Peggy
Sankt-Cardis Blue Devils Pele
Sankt-Cardis Blue Devils Thor
Sankt-Cardis Blue Devils Tilde
Sankt-Cardis Blue Devils Tobias
Sankt-Cardis Blue Devils Tulla
Sankt-Cardis Blue Devils Vinca
Sankt-Cardis Jet Black Ofelia
Sankt-Cardis Patricia
Sankt-Cardis Pierre
Sankt-Cardis Polly
Sankt-Cardis Rikke
Sankt-Cardis Rocki
Sankt-Cardis Rocky
Sankt-Cardis Ronni
Sankt-Cardis Rudi
Sankt-Cardis Rudolf
Sankt-Cardis Rumle
Sankt-Cardis Tessa
Sankt-Cardis Tim
Tuulantei Blue Waldemar
Tuulantei Blue Wigo
Tuulantei Wenche
Tuulantei Wendy
Glendower Black Bwtias Y Gog
Glendower Blue Barrug Yr Bryn
Glendower Blue Bwbach-Brenin
Glendower Buandroed BlueblaiddSankt-Cardis Blue DelfiSankt-Cardi's ArnoldAdschy-Rozavel zur Coermühle
Shivas Coy Of Devil's BridgeDonro's Blue Devil
Wee Duchess Of The Green Beret
Rhiwelli Mountain PrideDaleviz Manuel of RhiwelliAsoka Morgan
Rhiwelli Bonnie Girl Of Daleviz
Rhiwelli Flower Of BlueAsoka Silver Spoon of Daleviz
Rhiwelli Blue Magic