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AM CH, Dual Ch, HTCh, WTCH Coedwig's Malachite RN HXAds STDc HTADIIIds OTDc ATDds HTDI-D,S VC ROMG

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Registered Name: Coedwig's Malachite RN HXAds STDc HTADIIIds OTDc ATDds HTDI-D,S VC ROMG
Prefix Titles: AM CH, Dual Ch, HTCh, WTCH
Breeder: Kim Shira
Leo Eickhoff
Owner: Kim Shira
Leo Eickhoff
Kennel: Coedwig
Sire: Visions I Have A Dream RN PT CA CGC TT VC ROMVb
Dam: Wolfrun Coedwig's Angelou
Call Name: Rocky
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 27 APR 2008
Date of Death:
Cause of Death:
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
Colour: Black and White with Brindle
Distinguishing Features:
Website: http://www.coedwig.com
Known Offspring:
Afara Quintessential
Afara Sealed With A Kiss
Afara Send In The Clowns
Afara Sledge
Afara Some Kinda Wonderful
Braeling All About Opera
Braeling All Tricked Out HT
Braeling Down By Glenkinnon CGC
Cardirose White Opal
Cheysuli's Pocket Full Of Sunshine
Coedwig 3C's Gunner Get'Cha
Coedwig 3C's Indigo Jasper
Coedwig Tanalyn Something Treasured
Coedwig's Big Bang Theory
Coedwig's Chickadee, VC CGC RE PT STDs OTDs HSAs HIAs
Coedwig's Dark Goddess
Coedwig's Dark Of The Moon
Coedwig's Dreams Come True
Coedwig's Ebony & Ivory
Coedwig's Finnegan
Coedwig's Gonna Be A Diamond
Coedwig's Hurricane In The North RN, FO, CGC
Coedwig's Island Girl at Beitshemesh
Coedwig's Jack of All Trades
Coedwig's Kona
Coedwig's La Perle Noir
Coedwig's Master Giggs
Coedwig's Master Rooney
Coedwig's Merry Abigale-Baggins
Coedwig's Midori
Coedwig's Moon River
Coedwig's Rocket Dog PT HSAsd
Coedwig's Snapdragon Dressed To Impress
Coedwig's Snapdragon Strike A Pose
Coedwig's Take It To The End Zone
Coedwig's The Quiltmaker
Coedwig's The Unusual Suspect BN
Coedwig's Time And Tide
Coedwig's Trottin' To Car-Rae
Coedwig's Tylwyth Graceful Enchantment
Coedwigs A Wee Bit Wicked
Coedwigs Where Rumors End & Legends Begin @ Jokin' A-RN, U-RO1
Cohnwee's Captain Fantastic
Cohnwees A Panda With Panache
Cohnwees Panda-Monium JHD HTADI,s
Cohnwees Prince Of A Panda "Artie"
Ffallian Bisbee Blue
Ffallian Drusy
Glasshouse Bring It All Home CAA HT PT
Glasshouse Good Intentions PT
Glasshouse Love Over Gold CGC, CA, RATI
Glasshouse Love Struck Romeo PT, CA, RATI, NW1, NW2, JHD, TKN, SCN, SBN, SIN
Glasshouse Moonlight And Gold
Glasshouse Naples Only In America HT, PT, CA
Glasshouse Naples Only The Best For Me TKN NTD
Glasshouse One Drink Down
Glasshouse Private Investigations
Glasshouse Sweet Surrender
Idyll Ozmo's Silver Dollar
Idyll Safari, MXB, MJB, HT, RATN, RATO, VC
Idyll's Inferno PT, RN, TT, CGCA, RATI, PAX, MXPB, MXP3, MJPB, MJP3, TDI
Idylls Ode To A Gryffyns Journey, RE, HT, MXP2, MJP3, MJPB, CAA, THD, RATN, CGC, TKN
Rhoswen In Texas After Dark
Rhoswen's Mysterious Lady
Silveraurora's Ruby, CGC, RN, RA
Sunshine's I Like To Move It Move It PT
Sunshine's Trivial Pursuit
Tanalyn's First Stone
Toreth What Goes Around Comes Around
Toshay Coedwig's Dirty Martini
Toshay's Midnight In Paris
Toshay's Perfect Martini
Toshay's Raspberry Lemondrop
Toshay's Smooth And Smoky RN HT NA NAJ NAP OJP
Trysor Coedwig's Black Jade
Trysor's Little Black Dress
Trysor's Onyx Cameo
Trysor's Reign Of The Dragon
Trysor's Risky Business
UAGI URO1 USR UFR Coedwig's He's My Obsession CD BN RAE NJP CA CGC TKN
Yasashiikuma Born To Be Wild
Yasashiikuma Eagles Fly Alone
Yasashiikuma Easy Rider
Yasashiikuma Raise A Ruckus
Yasashiikuma Raisealittlehell
Yasashiikuma Rebel At Conifers
Registration#: DN21484601
Registry: AKC
DNA Fluff Free, OFA Good, PRA clear, DM Carrier
Coedwig's Curious Mr. Watson
Coedwig's Wizard Of Mayalu


Category Registry ID or Results Date
Hips: OFA WCC-1514F24M-VPI 3/17/10
Elbows: OFA WCC-EL195M24-VPI 3/17/10
Eyes: CERF WCC-1102 3/23/09

Coedwig's Malachite RN HXAds STDc HTADIIIds OTDc ATDds HTDI-D,S VC ROMG

Visions I Have A Dream RN PT CA CGC TT VC ROMVb

Cornerstone Coedwig's Dreamer ROMg

Yardican Roland NAC NJC TG-O TN-O ROMb

Cornerstone's New Light

Cornerstone Visions Denim N Lace ROMVs

Cornerstone Coedwig's Dreamer ROMg

Cornerstone's Double Diamond ROMs

Wolfrun Coedwig's Angelou

Coedwig Carbon Blue ROMg

Spectrum Harlem Shuffle ROMs

Coedwig Lilac ROMb

Aurigan Wolfrun Brandywine ROMs

C-Myste There And Back Again
Shadowalk PV Ellusion