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AM/MEX CH Pera Brigwyn Blue UD TD ROMs

picture of dog
Registered Name: Pera Brigwyn Blue UD TD ROMs
Prefix Titles: AM/MEX CH
Breeder: Peg Hickel
Ray Hickel
Owner: Helen L Cramer
Sire: Pera Smoke Screen Ap Keeche
Dam: Cambria's Agnes
Call Name: Brig
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 11 AUG 1968
Date of Death: 1983
Cause of Death: cancer
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
Colour: Blue Merle and White
Distinguishing Features:
Known Offspring:
Aelwyd Finnshavn Moonshine CAN AM BDA CD
Aelwyd Masked Man Of Rhyl
Aimee's War Lord of Dorre Don
Dae Ling Starfire Of Dorre Don AM CAN UDT CAN TT
Dae Lings Dirk Of Dorre Don TD
Denbigh Canice of Kylewyn
Dorisu's Blue Daze
Dorisu's Dorre Don Blue Blazes
Dorre Don Aelwyd Cordon Bleu CD
Dorre Don Empress Matilda
Dorre Don's Blue Flair CDX
Dorre Don's Blue Tango UD
Dorre Don's Fiddles D D Of T P
Dorre Don's Incorrigible AM CD
Dorre Don's Lynhill Sterling
Dorre Don's Taran Of Penbryn UD
Dorre Don's Tonga Blue
Dorre Dons Saula Shalamon CDX
Drudwyn's Blue Minx
Drudwyn's Leonardo CD
Hedline's Nan Of Dorre Don CDX
Hilton's Blue Chip Of Dorre Don
Lynhill Bruin Brindle
Lynhill Dilyn Lloer Shannon
Lynhill Lavender Blue
Lynhill Lord Colwyn
Lynhill Seren Tywyll CDX
Lynhill Smoky Blue Rebel
Pera Motsom Lille Nisse CD
Shadowood Breeze Of Dorre Don AM CAN UDT TT
Winsdown Lynhill Ketone
Registration#: WB182365
Registry: AKC
Photo ad and article in Vol 26 #1 Spring 1993 Cardigan News-Bulletin pg 38-41. Litter also included 1 tri dog, 1 tri bitch, 1 blue bitch, and 1 whitey blue dog
Pera Tyche Indikos CDX

Pera Brigwyn Blue UD TD ROMs

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