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Winsdown Brymore Carbon Blue

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Registered Name: Winsdown Brymore Carbon Blue
Prefix Titles:
Breeder: Mrs. Henning Nelms
Mrs. Michael Pym
Owner: Louise Gilliland (was Vantrease)
Sire: Kentwood Ifan
Dam: Brymore's Nosoldu ap Sunny
Call Name: Carbon
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 1 JUN 1967
Date of Death: 1 JUN 1980
Cause of Death: Natural causes
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
Colour: Blue Merle and White with Brindle
Distinguishing Features:
Known Offspring:
Becmar Suzy Love
Brymore Rainbow of Bethan
Carbon's Blue Leroy
Cover Girl Victoria
Dorre Don Serchus of Winsdown UD ROMs
Eastwyn Black Bart
Eastwyn Blue Bett
Eastwyn Blue Bonnie
Eastwyn Blue Max
Eastwyn Bluford Bly
Foxleigh Winsdown Corwynt
Glenjoy Winsdown Black Deon
Glenjoy Winsdown Black Dian
Glenjoy Winsdown Hera CD
Larchmont Winsdown Black Bid
Rollingwood Eastwyn Blubell CD
Topwyn Bangles And Beads
Windward Winsdown Blue Delft CDX
Winsdown Becmar Monarch
Winsdown Black Beauty
Winsdown Black Bellrosa
Winsdown Black Boric
Winsdown Black Bromide
Winsdown Black Demon
Winsdown Black Deterium
Winsdown Black Devil
Winsdown Black Diamond
Winsdown Black Dichromate
Winsdown Black Dig Of Becmar
Winsdown Black Displash
Winsdown Black Dragon
Winsdown Black Methane
Winsdown Blue Bracken
Winsdown Blue Brocade
Winsdown Blue Burnadette
Winsdown Blue D'Mand O Dorisu
Winsdown Blue Deutron
Winsdown Blue Diethyl
Winsdown Blue Disk of Robgwen
Winsdown Blue Displash
Winsdown Blue Domino
Winsdown Blue Jay CD
Winsdown Blue Max of Rogue
Winsdown Blue Mist
Winsdown Blue Mod Podge
Winsdown Blue Thistle
Winsdown Bryn O E R Bardic Hwyl
Winsdown Candy Peach
Winsdown Carbonette
Winsdown Celest Of Myline
Winsdown Crazy Quilt
Winsdown Heavenly Ginger
Winsdown Hydroxide
Winsdown Kirstan
Winsdown Salute
Winsdown Simply Busy
Registration#: WB046766
Brymore’s Blue Sunday Ap-Ager
Winsdown Brymore China Blue


Category Registry ID or Results Date
Hips: OFA 17233 9/13/71

Winsdown Brymore Carbon Blue

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