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NZ CH Bluemeadows Ptolemy

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Registered Name: Bluemeadows Ptolemy
Prefix Titles: NZ CH
Breeder: Shane McDonogh
Owner: Shane McDonogh
Sire: Pharoah of Joseter
Dam: Kentwood Blodwen
Call Name: Ptolemy
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 14 NOV 1980
Date of Death:
Cause of Death:
Country of Birth: New Zealand
Country of Residence: New Zealand
Colour: Brindle and White
Distinguishing Features: Dk Brindle
Known Offspring:
Barclay Ezy Rider
Barclay Gay Cavalier
Barclay Klassic Style
Barclay Kracker Jack
Barclay Master Kopy
Barclay My 'T' Dazzler
Barclay Pirouette
Barclay Ptolemys Llad
Barclay Sweet Martini
Barclay To Hot To Handle
Barclay X Calibur
Benvenuto Personality
Benvenuto Preference
Bluemeadows Alma Gest
Bluemeadows Bellas Song
Bluemeadows Breth Of Gem
Bluemeadows Colwyn
Bluemeadows Cwm Haredd
Bluemeadows Delphi
Bluemeadows Dhestina
Bluemeadows Evergem
Bluemeadows Flame Of Gem
Bluemeadows Gwyniffer
Bluemeadows Imagem
Bluemeadows In His Time
Bluemeadows Lucky Gem
Bluemeadows Lyddianne
Bluemeadows Morgan
Bluemeadows Parhelyon
Bluemeadows Parnessus
Bluemeadows Polly Brown
Bluemeadows Robert's Pal
Bluemeadows Sea Shanty
Bluemeadows Sea Urchin
Bluemeadows Shanes Boy
Bluemeadows Song Of Gem
Bluemeadows Sophies Gem
Bluemeadows Tara Deryl
Bluemeadows Thessaly
Bluemeadows Virgil
Bluemeadows Wn Last Kiss
Cambric Cassandra
Cambric Cleopatra
Cambric I Claudius
Cambric Michelangelo
Copperleaf Laramie
Copperleaf Leala
Copperleaf Lightning
Copperleaf Lilli
Copperleaf Llani Rose
Copperleaf Lollipop
Copperleaf Lovesong
Copperleaf Luellen
Rodwell Caligula
Rodwell Cleomenes
Rodwell Cleopatra
Scotmist Andreas
Scotmist Loukas
Scotmist Phoebe
Scotmist Sophia
Wytham Juno
Registration#: 1043-1981
Imported in utero.
Bluemeadows Cemmaes
Bluemeadows Cledwen
Bluemeadows Clodach
Bluemeadows Cwm Cerrig
Bluemeadows Cymogwen
Bluemeadows Gem Child
Bluemeadows Phaedra
Bluemeadows Ptolemy

Pharoah of Joseter

Joseter Mudwin

Pantyblaidd Pip
Samantha of Joseter
Daleviz IngaDaleviz Swansea Shasta Punch
Daleviz Asoka Tabitha
Kentwood Blodwen

Kentwood Arnallt
Bridgemont Suseman

Kentwood Heulwen
Kentwood PansiWillowbeach Danny Boy
Kentwood Mali