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BIS BISS AM/CAN CH McLea's Admiral

picture of dog
Registered Name: McLea's Admiral
Prefix Titles: BIS BISS AM/CAN CH
Breeder: Leah James
Owner: Leah James
Sire: Phi-Vestavia Nautilus PT CGC ROM-V-G
Dam: Mc Lea's Allie
Call Name: Addy
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 19 JUN 1992
Date of Death:
Cause of Death:
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
Colour: Brindle and White
Distinguishing Features:
Known Offspring:
Boss N Riverside Start Spreading the News, RATN
Boss n Riverside Say You Say Me
Boss n Riverside Social's PC
Full Moon's Moon River
Fullmoon's Blue Moon
Fullmoon's Sailor Moon
Harvest Moon
Llewelyn Ap Dafyod Ap Madog
Mc Lea's Ad Venture O'Woodrose
Mc Lea's Angel's Trumpet
Mc Lea's Bachelor Button
Mc Lea's Firecracker Boomer
Mc Lea's Hurricane
Mc Lea's Liberty Belle
Mc Lea's Louisiana Purchase
Mc Lea's Nathan Hale
Mc Lea's Rock Rose NA NAJ
Mc Lea's Roses And Lace RN
Mc Lea's Spanish Bayonet
Mc Lea's Starblazer
Mc Lea's Tsunami
McLea's Key Largo Of Phoenix
Murphy Sarbaum
Phoenix's Kissimmee O'Mc Lea
Phoenix's Sebring
Phoenix's St Cloud
Phoenix's Weeki Wachee
Royalwood's I M Woodrow RN
Royalwood's Icon Of Claybrook
Royalwood's Icyhot
Royalwood's Ike
Royalwood's Isabella O'Mclea
Royalwood's Isadorable
Woodrose Ad Lib O'Mclea
Woodrose Ezekiel
Woodrose Son Of A Sailor
Yasashiikuma Fire and Ice
Yasashiikuma Grace O'Malley
Yasashiikuma I Am the Captain
Yasashiikuma Jessica Watson
Yasashiikuma Mclea Icebreaker
Yasashiikuma Naomi James
Registration#: DL44730701
Registry: AKC
All-Breed AKC BIS Winner.
Mc Lea's Captain Nemo

McLea's Admiral

Phi-Vestavia Nautilus PT CGC ROM-V-G

Salvenik Sea Treasure ROM-V-G

Downholme Silversand of Joseter
Kentwood Gwenda

Phi's Amazing Grace Ap Ronel ROM-V-G

Tessaract's Pete Of Santana
Phi's Fortune Teller
Mc Lea's Allie

Davenitch Peer of Pluperfect ROMg

Pluperfect Primate
I Am Davenitch Mosette ROMb
Westwyn AthenaWestwyn Tyger Tyger
Windward Yard A Dwtsen