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C.I.B, IT CH, FR CH, INT CH, RSM CH, D CH Oscar Nemorino De Montglane

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Registered Name: Oscar Nemorino De Montglane
Prefix Titles: C.I.B, IT CH, FR CH, INT CH, RSM CH, D CH
Breeder: Alain Thevenon
Owner: Corrado Muzio
Sire: Magdor Sir Echo
Dam: Seren Las Gwenlais
Call Name: Oscar
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 13 FEB 1998
Date of Death: 12 DEC 2013
Cause of Death:
Country of Birth: France
Country of Residence: Italy
Colour: Blue Merle and White with Brindle
Distinguishing Features:
Known Offspring:
Alt. Registry: ATC AG00363FRA (KC)
O'label Bleu de Montglane
Oligane de Montglane
Ollon de Montglane
Opale de Montglane
Orelle de Montglane
Orion de Montglane
Oswing de Montglane


Category Registry ID or Results Date

Oscar Nemorino De Montglane

Magdor Sir Echo
Magdor Prince HalRobgwen Glint of Gold of Magdor
Magdor Black Velvet
Tomacos Miss Mischief Of MagdorMagdor Mr Jenks
Raindrop of Towlaught

Seren Las Gwenlais

Rhiwelli Tango
Daleviz Manuel of Rhiwelli
Rhiwelli Flower Of Blue
Beckrow Black PearlWillowglen Scintillation at Penarlton
Beckrow Blue Orchid