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Irish CH, FR CH Gowerston Challenger

picture of dog
Registered Name: Gowerston Challenger
Prefix Titles: Irish CH, FR CH
Breeder: Sandra Muckle
Owner: Thomas Jones-Rees
Mair Jones-Rees
Kennel: Gowerston
Sire: Corben Tri Try Again
Dam: Gwenlais Idwina
Call Name: Sacha
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 24 DEC 1997
Date of Death:
Cause of Death:
Country of Birth: United Kingdom
Country of Residence: United Kingdom
Colour: Black and White with Tan
Distinguishing Features:
Website: http://www.gwenlais.co.uk/page48/page18/page18.html
Known Offspring:
Arddun Beatrice Bleu Des Anges
Arddun Belle Ballade Bleu Des Anges
Arddun Belle-Dame Mam des Anges
Arddun Belle-de-Nuit Bleuet d'Ange
Arddun Berger Bleu Des Anges
Arddun Bijou Bleu Des Anges
Arddun BohÍme Avec Bravos Des Anges
Arddun Brise Bleu des Anges
Bredwardine Elyll Arddun
Bredwardine Trilliw
Bredwardine Welsh Eto At Gwenlais
Bredwardine Welsh Glynis
Mosegården's Blue Hortensia
Mosegården's Blue Hyacint
Mosegården's Handpicked Blue Boy
Mosegården's Handsome Blue Guy
Mosegården's Handy Man
Mosegården's Happy Blue Henry
Mosegården's Hazel
Mosegården's Heartbreaker
Mosegården's Heather
Mosegården's Illuminator of Life
Mosegården's Immigrant of Sacha
Mosegården's In Love And War
Mosegården's Incarnation of A Man
Mosegården's Intelligent Choice
Mosegården's International Event
Mosegården's Iwa
Mudpaw's Canis Minor
Mudpaw's Come To Play
Mudpaw's Controversia
Mudpaw's Cruftsmade Red
Mudpaw's Cruftsmade Tri
Pikachu De La Cavene Des Anges
Prosper Yoplaboum de la Cavernes des Anges
Red Rose de La Caverne des Anges
Rien-ne-va-plus de la Caverne des Anges
Ritchi-Bubble-Gum de la Caverne des Anges
Stafflands Mairwen at Rhiwelli
Stafflands Rhodri at Rhiwelli
Tara Baby Love of Saint Hilaire's Park
Thor Bleu Thunder of Saint Hilaire's Park
Tiny Blue Toon of Saint Hilaire's Park
VERSAC'S TOP MODEL of Saint Hilaire's Park RN PT NA NAJ
VOLUPTE DES SENS of Saint Hilaire's Park
Welshbern Robyn with Teomakliens
Registration#: LOF 000191/00031
Registry: KC
Gowerston Carol Singer
Gowerston Cascade At Brynhall
Gowerston Christmas Carol
Gowerston Crystal of Spuncombe
Gowerston Gambler
Gowerston Georgie Girl
Gowerston Ghia
Gowerston Glimmer at Tyci
Gowerston Glory Be
Gowerston Greta of Trenwydd

Gowerston Challenger

Corben Tri Try Again
Deavitte Blue Fox of RossacreLees Black Heckle of Gorthleck
Lees Blue Moon of Deavitte
Rhiwelli Moonlight At Corben

Rhiwelli Blue Diamond
Daleviz Myrtle

Gwenlais Idwina

Rhiwelli Tango
Daleviz Manuel of Rhiwelli
Rhiwelli Flower Of Blue

Gwenlais Asoka Heilyn

Gwenlais Croeso
Gwenlais Bethan Of Asoka