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AM CH, DKCH Bundessieger 2013 Pawcific Signed Sealed Delivered

picture of dog
Registered Name: Pawcific Signed Sealed Delivered
Prefix Titles: AM CH, DKCH Bundessieger 2013
Breeder: Emily Fish
Kathy Fish
Owner: Sascha Bonde-Henriksen
Kennel: Pawcific
Sire: Wynrik Drum Major
Dam: Pawcific Merry Miss Carey
Call Name: Lincoln
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 31 MAR 2008
Date of Death: 10 OCT 2018
Cause of Death:
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: Denmark
Colour: Black and White with Tan
Distinguishing Features:
Known Offspring:
Afara Xsasha Cornerstone
Afara Xxpect A Storm
Baccalaureus vom Holledauer Bockerl
Baccara Rose vom Holledauer Bockerl
Bellis Tausendschön vom Holledauer Bockerl
Bertram vom Holledauer Bockerl
Bibernelle vom Holledauer Bockerl
Birke vom Holledauer Bockerl
Blåtirans Jesper-Proffs
Bonsai Fraxinus vom Holledauer Bockerl
Fastfoot's Cashew
Fastfoot's Cheez Doodles
Fastfoot's Crisp
Fastfoot's Maarud
Fastfoot's Polly Peanut
Fastfoot's Popcorn at CGs
Fastfoot's Pringles
Fastfoot's Soletti
Fastfoot's Tortilla
Hova Bonde's Garcia
Hova Bonde's Gibbs
Hova Bonde's Gideon
Hova Bonde's Gil Grissom
Hova Bonde's Gina La Salle
Hova Bonde's Gladdy Gold
Hova Bonde's Greg Sanders
Hova Bonde's Iris Cooper
Joy Transfer Perfect Black Pearl
Joy Transfer Perfect Percy
Joy Transfer Petal Patricia
Joy Transfer Phenomenal Phenah
Joy Transfer Phyllis Phantasy
Joy Transfer Piece of Heaven
Joy Transfer Plenty of Gold
Joy Transfer Prince of Paisley
Katholm Effie
Katholm Eik
Katholm Eivind
Katholm Emmie
Katholm Enzo
Katholm Eske
Katholm Ezzo
Pawcific Drums of Autumn
Pawcific One Hand One Heart
Pawcific Tempo
Pawcific Voyager
Toreth's Game Changer
Toreth's Konor Heddwyn
Toreth's Madigan May
Toreth's Rebound Turnaround
Toreth's Requesting A Fly-By
Vistruphus Percy
Welshclan's Nola Neely
Registration#: DK 11833/2013
Alt. Registry: DN22097402 (AKC)
Frozen (if stud): Yes. Contact Léo Washburn.
Frozen semen available to approved bitches. Contact Le'o Washburn at imleo9@gmail.com


Category Registry ID or Results Date
Elbows: OFA Normal
Eyes: ECVO free
PRA: Optigen free

Pawcific Signed Sealed Delivered

Wynrik Drum Major
Johnwey Showstopper

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Llandwyn Leading Lady

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Leamore Just By Chance

Pawcific Merry Miss Carey

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