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UK CH, INT CH, NORDW, NORD CH, DK CH, SW CH, LUX CH, BEL CH Gowerston Jazz Singer for Pemcader

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Registered Name: Gowerston Jazz Singer for Pemcader
Kennel: Gowerston
Sire: Bethwyn Music Man
Dam: Casey May Brookview
Call Name: Jazz
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 24 SEP 2005
Date of Death: 25 JUN 2013
Cause of Death: herniated disk
Country of Birth: United Kingdom
Country of Residence: Denmark
Colour: Black and White with Brindle
Distinguishing Features:
Website: http://www.pemcadercorgi.com/
Known Offspring:
Aethwy Keeper Of The Flame
Aethwy Killer Queen
Aethwy Kind Of Magic
Aethwy King Of Hearts
Aethwy Kyoto Song
Analog Cc Goodtimes Blues
Analog Cc Kind Of Blue
Analog Cc Mood Indigo
Analog Cc Mr. Bojangles
Analog Cc My Funny Valentine
Analog Cc So What
Beautiful Dream Kasmir Moravia
Belroyd Pemcader Cymro
Belroyd Pemcader Geraint
Black Knight Kasmir Moravia
Black Queen Kasmir Moravia
Blondie's Jallajalla
Blondie's Jambalaya
Blondie's Jenka
Blondie's Johnny Be Good
Blondie's Jolly Be Good
Blondie's Just for your eyes only
Blondie's Kameron
Blondie's Kelmon
Blondie's Kelvin
Blondie's Kevin Keegan
Blondie's King Khan
Blondie's Kiss and Joy to Ginnie
Blondie's Koala
Blondie's Never Say Never Again Blondie's
Blondie's Next Generation Blondies
Blondie's No Matter What Blondie's
Blondie's Note My Name Blondies
Blondie's Nuevo Rubia Blondies
Blues 'n Jazz Kasmir Moravia
Bymil Picture This
Bymil Strike Me Pink at Estelamay
C.I.B. Clear Diamond Kasmir Moravia
CAROL BLUE SINGER of Saint Hilaire's Park
Carbon Black Kasmir Moravia
Carddicted Ginger M Ale
Carddicted Girl Next Door
Carddicted Give Me Five
Carddicted Glenn Morangie
Carddicted Go For It
Carddicted Gonnabe A Wannabe
Carddicted Goose Bumps
Carmen Black Kasmir Moravia
Cayenne Chilli Kasmir Moravia
Cloudy Moon Kasmir Moravia
Coco Chanel of Saint Hilaire's Park
Cool Izzy Kasmir Moravia
Crystal Blue Kasmir Moravia
Floatin' Merry Merlin
Floatin' Monarch of Morse
Gamay Corlan Gi
Gregor Corlan Gi
Gråsiskas Beretta By Jazz
Gråsiskas Frank By Jazz
Gråsiskas Holiday By Jazz
Gråsiskas Iwring By Jazz
Gråsiskas King Cole By Jazz
Gråsiskas Mingus By Jazz
Gråsiskas Siva By Jazz
Gråsiskas Tolstoy By Jazz
Gråsiskas Zakian By Jazz
Guinever's Joy Falster-Ile
Guinever's Joy Flinte-Ile
Guinever's Joy Fur-Ile
Guinever's Joy Furlan City
Gwyneth Corlan Gi
Hanlon's Star Once In A Lifetime
Jazz It Up Cymraeg Ci
Jazz King Cymraeg Ci
Jazzebel Cymraeg Ci
Jazzqueen Cymraeg Ci
Lulubelle's Abstract Amour
Lulubelle's Amazing Ambition
Lulubelle's Awesome Allegiance
Man On Fire Cymraeg Ci
Man in the Mirror Cymraeg Ci
Miss Dior Cherie Cymraeg Ci
Ormai Elajan Eastern King
Ormai Elvin Brave Heart
Ormai Enjoy Blue Dream
Ormai Evelin Snow White
Pemcader Beckrow Lena Horne at Swanpool
Rassemann's Keeper of the Flame
Rubegud Only Joking
Russfield Rose Belle
Russfield Ruff'N Tuff
Smarties Edith The Holy Viking
Smarties Elba Bon Aparde
Smarties Eleiza Doolitle
Smarties Elouise The Welsh
Smarties Ghost of A Genttelmann
Smarties Glance Of Glamor
Smarties Go For It Gus
Smarties Gollum
Smarties Good Golly Miss Molly
Team Løvendahl's Eldorado
Team Løvendahl's Elli
Team Løvendahl's Elliot
Team Løvendahl's Elna
Team Løvendahl's Emmet
Team Løvendahl's Esmeralda
Zoomorf's Amras
Zoomorf's Anelith The Princess
Zoomorf's Anil-Galia
Zoomorf's Anondir
Zoomorf's Arduval
Brookview Blue Bell Of Jennyvic
Brookview Blutou Pemcader
Brookview Silver Dollar At Gowerston
Brookview blue satin at gowerston
Gowerston Jaylo of Jennyvic
Gowerston Jigsaw
Gowerston Justin Time


Category Registry ID or Results Date

Gowerston Jazz Singer for Pemcader

Bethwyn Music Man

Wynrik Drum Major
Johnwey Showstopper
Matfen Funny Girl
Bethwyn Blind FaithBethwyn Black Baron
Bethwyn Blind Date

Casey May Brookview

Thamesmere Blackjack at Gowerston
Joseter Doublewood
Gowerston Christmas Carol
Cwmteifi Lleucu Las

Trenwydd Blue Mirage
Gorthleck Gwendolen