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SE CH Geestland's Cloudy Moon

picture of dog
Registered Name: Geestland's Cloudy Moon
Prefix Titles: SE CH
Breeder: Heli Hirsikangas
Owner: Pia Schroeder
Kennel: Geestland's
Sire: Orso for Geestland
Dam: Geestland's Variant Vixen
Call Name: Moi
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 20 FEB 2009
Date of Death:
Cause of Death:
Country of Birth: Finland
Country of Residence: Sweden
Colour: Blue Merle and White with Brindle
Distinguishing Features:
Website: http://www.wesaborg.se
Known Offspring:
På Vift's Fina Denniz Af Ewelina
På Vift's Fina Denzel Af Ewelina
På Vift's Fina Dermot Af Ewelina
På Vift's Fina Dexter Af Ewelina
På Vift's Fina Diezel Af Ewelina
På Vift's Fina Dixie Af Ewelina
Stock Dog's Earl Of The Blue Hause
Stock Dog's Eichanted Blue Blossom
Stock Dog's Enter Sandman
Stock Dog's Ever Blue Rapsody
Stock Dog's Ever Dream
Stock Dog's Every Litle Thing
Stock Dog's Eye Of The Tiger
Wesa Borgs Akter Om Tvrs
Wesa Borgs Alexander Lukas
Wesa Borgs Averell Dalton
Wesa Borgs Bidde Vind
Wesa Borgs Black Pearl
Wesa Borgs Blue Frost
Wesa Borgs Blue Jeans
Wesa Borgs Blue Moon
Wesa Borgs Blue Velvet
Wesa Borgs Bootstrap Bill Turner
Wesa Borgs Captain Hook
Wesa Borgs Elisabeth Swan
Wesa Borgs Erasmus Eminens
Wesa Borgs Frlig Vind
Wesa Borgs Hector Barbossa
Wesa Borgs Jack Sparrow
Wesa Borgs Magica The Hex
Wesa Borgs Maleficent
Wesa Borgs Ol' Blue Eyes
Wesa Borgs Sidney
Wesa Borgs Tia Dalma
Wesa Borgs True Blue
Wesa Borgs Ville Vessla
Wesa Borgs Waltzing Matilda
Wesa Borgs Zeke Varg
Registration#: FI17594/09
Geestland's Carbon Black
Geestland's Carbon Chip
Geestland's Carbon Copy
Geestland's Cloudy Charm
Geestland's Cloudy Day
Geestland's Cloudy Gray
Geestland's Cloudy Sky
Geestland's Cloudy Star
Teerinkosken Ballerina
Teerinkosken Barista
Teerinkosken Basisti
Teerinkosken Biokemist
Teerinkosken Biologi
Teerinkosken Bulvaani
Teerinkosken Bussikuski
Teerinkosken Byrokraatti

Geestland's Cloudy Moon

Orso for Geestland

Oscar Nemorino De Montglane

Magdor Sir Echo

Seren Las Gwenlais

Bethwyn Ebony Rose
Finlai Beau Luke
Bethwyn Bacardi Breezer

Geestland's Variant Vixen

Mandylay's Roadrunner

Trenwydd Silver Wizard

Mandylay's Quarterwind

Jaamarin Aamu-Usva

Geestland's Fabulous Fortune

Blondie's Prima Donna