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DKCH KLBCH INTCH Antoc Backbencher

picture of dog
Registered Name: Antoc Backbencher
Breeder: Mrs. A J Speding
Owner: Erik and Ilse Faarup
Kennel: Antoc
Sire: Cardhew Superted JW
Dam: Salvenik Seven Wishes For Antoc
Call Name: Bosse
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 23 SEP 2005
Date of Death:
Cause of Death:
Country of Birth: United Kingdom
Country of Residence: Denmark
Colour: Brindle and White
Distinguishing Features:
Website: http://www.kennelfaarup.dk
Known Offspring:
Blondie's One In A Million
Blondie's One of a Kind
Blondie's One you can't Buy Blondie
Cardax Ralli
Cardax Ravelli
Cardax Ritva
Cardax Ronaldo
Corgihuset Amalie'
Corgihuset Amanda
Corgihuset Arthur
Faarup Dana
Faarup Darcy
Faarup Dazi
Faarup Debbie
Faarup Dharma
Faarup Dio
Faarup Dixie
Faarup Dixie Chick
Faarup Dixie Girl
Faarup Donna
Faarup Gallant
Faarup Geisha
Faarup Gina
Faarup Golden Bear
Faarup Gomma Gin
Faarup Gonzo
Faarup Grace
Faarup Great Dalton
Faarup Gudie
Faarup Gwennie
Faarup Gypsy
Lærkegården's Xander
Mosegården's Leader of The Pack
Mosegården's Legendary Lover
Mosegården's Light of My Life
Mosegården's Lily of The Vally
Mosegården's Local Hero
Mosegården's Long And Low
Mosegården's Lord of The Manor
Mosegården's Lush Lovely Lady
Møller Kaas Cadi
Møller Kaas Castor
Møller Kaas Chanella
Møller Kaas Cæcar
Møller Kaas Dalton
Møller Kaas Dina
Møller Kaas Ditte
Møller Kaas Dixie Svendsen
Møller Kaas Donna
Møller Kaas Dottie
New Eden's Ea
New Eden's Eddie
New Eden's Ejner
New Eden's Eljas
New Eden's Elmer
New Eden's Emilie Rose
New Eden's Erika
New Eden's Espen
New Eden's Etta
Pixigan Acacie
Pixigan Agillita
Pixigan Akeleje
Pixigan Albus
Pixigan Archimedes
Strandengen's Herkules
Strandengen's Idalina
Strandengen's Indiana
Strandengen's Ironlady
Strandengen's Ironman
Strandengen's Isabella
Strandengen's Isja
Strandengen's Ivano
Registration#: 18039/2006
Registry: DKK
Antoc Be Jolly at Cardhew
Antoc Best Wishes To Norfranton
Antoc Bond With Me

Antoc Backbencher

Cardhew Superted JW
Rikarlo Auran

Joseter Joson ROMg
Joseter Benita
Cardhew Shining LightAntoc Guardian Angel
Antoc Surprise Surprise

Salvenik Seven Wishes For Antoc

Antoc Double-O-Seven For Salvenik
Antoc Guardian Angel
Antoc Audacity

Salvenik Secret Wish
Jogela George For Salvenik
Salvenik Secret Dream