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Se CH, DK CH, NORD UCH, SE V-02 Cardax Herrman

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Registered Name: Cardax Herrman
Prefix Titles: Se CH, DK CH, NORD UCH, SE V-02
Breeder: Margareta Widin
Kennel: Cardax
Sire: Nickname's Castor To Cardax
Dam: Rundhøj's Cecilie
Call Name:
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 22 AUG 2000
Date of Death:
Cause of Death:
Country of Birth: Sweden
Country of Residence: Denmark
Colour: Brindle and White
Distinguishing Features:
Known Offspring:
Registration#: S49311/2000
Registry: SKK
Alt. Registry: ATC AC00727SWE (KC)
Cardax Haidi
Cardax Hector
Cardax Henny
Cardax Henry
Cardax Herkulus
Cardax Holly

Cardax Herrman
Nickname's Castor To Cardax

Deavitte Oakleaf

Kerman Burning Oaks At Deavitte

Deavitte Moonbeam
Nickname's Randihe

Cardax Rhydian
Cardax Pollyanna
Rundhøj's Cecilie

Marco av Trolldom
Cardax Jeremy
Cardax Roxane
Baileswood CristynRikarlo Auran
Gwenlais Glesni Glasur At Baileswood