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SE UCH Kerman Captain Jack

picture of dog
Registered Name: Kerman Captain Jack
Prefix Titles: SE UCH
Breeder: Fran Fricker
Owner: Carina Sandell-Widin
Margareta Widin
Kennel: Kerman
Sire: Bethwyn Music Man
Dam: Kerman Thief of Time
Call Name:
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 7 AUG 2006
Date of Death:
Cause of Death:
Country of Birth: United Kingdom
Country of Residence: Sweden
Colour: Brindle and White
Distinguishing Features:
Known Offspring:
Cardax Pampas
Cardax Pandora
Cardax Patrizia
Cardax Pelle Ryttaren
Cardax Pepita
Cardax Petrella
Cardax Petunia
Cardax Powel
Cardax Prefix
Cardax Primadonna
Cardax Samara
Cardax Sandrina
Cardax Serena
Cardax Solitary Man
Cardax Super-Truper
Cardax Sweet Heart
Corgihuset Carlos
Corgihuset Ceasar
Corgihuset Cherie
Corgihuset Chester
Corgihuset Cisero
Corgihuset Claudette
Corgihuset Claudius
Corgihuset Cleopatra
Corgihuset Coco
Corgihuset Cosmo
Nickname's Back To Basic
Nickname's Back To Business
Nickname's Back Tracker
Nickname's Backgammon
Nickname's Bag Of Tricks
Nickname's Bangaway
Nickname's Belle Of The Ball
Nickname's Bobby Soxer
Nickname's Bookkeeper
Nickname's Breakig Roules
Possible's Fabulous Fay
Possible's Fame Filip
Possible's Fantastic Fiona
Possible's Friendly Freja
Possible's Funny Fredric
Skärgårdsvallaren's Faithe
Skärgårdsvallaren's Fawkes
Skärgårdsvallaren's Faxe
Skärgårdsvallaren's Fee
Skärgårdsvallaren's Felix
Skärgårdsvallaren's Filofaxi
Skärgårdsvallaren's Fox
Skärgårdsvallaren's Freja
Registration#: S16009/2007
Kerman The Black Pearl
Kerman The Pirate


Category Registry ID or Results Date
Eyes: CERF Free
PRA: Optigen Blood test Free

Kerman Captain Jack

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Kerman Thief of Time

Antoc Double-O-Seven For Salvenik
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