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SEUCH, NUCH Trafox Storm And Fire

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Registered Name: Trafox Storm And Fire
Prefix Titles: SEUCH, NUCH
Breeder: Kirsi Bergdahl
Owner: Mimmi Momrak
Kennel: Trafox
Sire: Cheysuli's Tri To Remember
Dam: Yardican Iwin
Call Name: Tord
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 18 MAY 2010
Date of Death:
Cause of Death:
Country of Birth: Finland
Country of Residence: Norway
Colour: Black and White with Brindle
Distinguishing Features:
Known Offspring:
Black Pumas Kuala Lumpur
Black Pumas Las Vegas
Black Pumas Port-au-Prince
Black Pumas Sharm el Sheik
Black Pumas Wagga Wagga
Carddicted Hakuna Matata
Carddicted Happy Go Lucky
Carddicted Hard To Resist
Carddicted Hati Hati
Carddicted Heidi Heidi Ho
Carddicted Here I Am
Carddicted Hide N Seak
Carddicted Hokuz Pokuz
Carddicted Horri Belle
Carddicted Pactum Mobile
Carddicted Painted Love
Carddicted Peek A Boo
Carddicted Piece Of Cake
Carddicted Pot Of Gold
Carddicted Price Less
Carddicted Prim A Donna
Cardigarden's Earth And Fire
Cardigarden's Echo Of A Wizard
Cardigarden's Edge Of The Mountain
Cardigarden's Elf Of Light
Cardigarden's Eragon Of Dragonheart
Cardigarden's Escaping Treasure
Cardigarden's Expedition Leader
Cardigarden's Eye Of The Storm
Cardigarden's Gabriel In Black
Cardigarden's General Motor
Cardigarden's Gold And Ivory
Cardigarden's Golden Guardian
Cardigarden's Greenhouse Rock
Cardipaws' Addicted To Love
Cardipaws' Against All Odds
Cardipaws' All Time High
Cardipaws' An Innocent Man
Cardipaws' Another Star
Cardipaws' April Love
Cardipaws' Aquarius
Govannon's D'nova
Govannon's Darling Doreen
Govannon's Dash
Govannon's Dd
Govannon's Delicious Diana
Govannon's Delilah
Govannon's Dixie Dimple
Govannon's Drip Drop
Govannon's Duke
Hanlon's Star A Kind Of Magic
Hanlon's Star I Want It All
Hanlon's Star Killer Queen
Hanlon's Star Love Of My Life
Hanlon's Star Your My Best Friend
Imme's Nascar Bob
Imme's Nashville Nights
Imme's Nevada Snowstorm
Imme's Nickleback
Imme's Norma Jean
Imme's Northern Light Aurora
Imme's Nuclear Blue
Keep The Faith Kasmir Moravia
Keep Your Dreams Kasmir Moravia
King Of My Heart Kasmir Moravia
Sira's Saint's Aladar
Sira's Saint's Apollo
Registration#: FI36625/10
Frozen (if stud): Yes
Trafox All I Need
Trafox Blue Jeans
Trafox Blue Moon Hotel
Trafox Rebel Queen
Trafox Revenge
Trafox Stay Outta Of My Way
Trafox Sweet Carolina


Category Registry ID or Results Date
Hips: Other B
Elbows: Other A
PRA: Optigen Clear

Trafox Storm And Fire

Cheysuli's Tri To Remember

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