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Marrow by Design

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Registered Name: Marrow by Design
Prefix Titles:
Breeder: Garda Katalin
Owner: Beate Steinz
Kennel: Marrow
Sire: Llaneirwg The Heretic
Dam: Fest Cejla
Call Name: Sylvester
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 2 MAY 2009
Date of Death:
Cause of Death:
Country of Birth: Hungary
Country of Residence: Germany
Colour: Brindle and White
Distinguishing Features:
Known Offspring:
Cailean from the stone of scone
Casper from the stone of scone
Catriona from the stone of scone
Charlott from the stone of scone
Coleen from the stone of scone
Coloured Crown's Absolutly Duke
Coloured Crown's All About Abby
Coloured Crown's Amazing Bobby
Coloured Crown's Amber Stevie
Coloured Crown's Awesome Henry
Coloured Crown's Be Kurt
Coloured Crown's Be My Brownie
Coloured Crown's Best Buddy
Coloured Crown's Big Time Bandit
Coloured Crown's Black Sam
Coloured Crown's Brave Horst
Coloured Crown's Buffalo Bill
Coloured Crown's Candy Lord
Coloured Crown's Charly Brown
Coloured Crown's Charming Elly
Coloured Crown's Cool Curtis
Coloured Crown's Cruisin Caterpillar
Coloured Crown's Curios Caesar
Coloured Crown's Cute Molly
Corey from the stone of scone
Courtly Brindle Lady Fiona
Courtly's Brindle Lady Fara
Dana from the Stone of Scone
Darian from the Stone of Scone
Darling from the Stone of Scone
Davina from the Stone of Scone
Dawn from the Stone of Scone
Deian from the Stone of Scone
Dharma from the Stone of Scone
Douglas from the Stone of Scone
Dylan from the Stone of Scone
Gärtner's Balduin
Gärtner's Bartholomäus
Gärtner's Baxter
Gärtner's Beauty Barbara
Gärtner's Boss
Kaline zur Haskenau
Kalle zur Haskenau
Karlson zur Haskenau
Kasimir zur Haskenau
Killinwordth little dancing bird
Killinworth Little Daisy Duck
Killinworth Little Duroc
Killinworth Little Dwarf Annie
Killinworth little dark snack
Klara zur Haskenau
Lasse zur Haskenau
Leo zur Haskenau
Leopold zur Haskenau
Lester zur Haskenau
Linus zur Haskenau
Lionel zur Haskenau
Obelix vom Bkerhook
Odin vom Bkerhook
Olivia vom Bkerhook
Orlando vom Bkerhook
Ornella vom Bkerhook
Paula vom Bkerhook
Pauli vom Bkerhook
Peanut vom Bkerhook
Pepper vom Bkerhook
Pluto vom Bökerhook
Polly vom Bkerhook
Princess vom Bkerhook
Sunhill Garden's Cailean Spearhaed
Sunhill Garden's Cailleach mellifluous
Sunhill Garden's Caineach Hornblower
Sunhill Garden's Carmody maiden
Sunhill Garden's Ceara Fay
Sunhill Garden's Chattanooga Chichi
Sunhill Garden's Cinead the Lionheart
Sunhill Garden's Cullinan Clach
Registration#: ZBrH WCC989
Fluff - free
Marrow Beauty Secret
Marrow Boody Mary


Category Registry ID or Results Date
Hips: Other FCI A
PRA: Labolkin Free

Marrow by Design

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