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CIB, NLch, Seuch, Dkuch, Nuch, Luxch, Czch, Waggerland Keep Smiling

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Registered Name: Waggerland Keep Smiling
Prefix Titles: CIB, NLch, Seuch, Dkuch, Nuch, Luxch, Czch,
Kennel: Waggerland
Sire: Yasashiikuma Dragon Defender
Dam: Waggerland Drop Dead Gorgeous
Call Name: Indy
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 24 SEP 2012
Date of Death:
Cause of Death:
Country of Birth: Netherlands
Country of Residence: Netherlands
Colour: Brindle and White
Distinguishing Features:
Known Offspring:
Carddicted Lady Of The House
Carddicted Less Is More
Carddicted Limited Edition
Carddicted Qomolangma
Carddicted Que Nell
Carddicted Queen Of Everything
Carddicted Qwa Qwa
Carddicted Qwerty
Carddicted Re Match
Carddicted Return To Sender
Carddicted Ring Of Fire
Carddicted Rock N Joll
Cardigarden's Rambling Rose
Cardigarden's Return To Sender
Cardigarden's Rock Candy
Cardigarden's Rockin' Robin
Cardigarden's Rothfuss Ruffenuff
Cardigarden's Runaway Bride
Lovlipon Aperol Spritz
Lovlipon Bloody Mary
Lovlipon Cuba Libre
Lovlipon Pina Colada
Lovlipon Tequila Sunrise
Lovlipon Tom Collins
Lovlipon White Russian
Russellcard's Billy
Russellcard's Jolly II
Russellcard's Lilly
Russellcard's Olly
Russellcard's Rocky
Russellcard's Tiffany
Swedewaves Barracuda
Swedewaves Breezeway
Swedewaves Camaro
Swedewaves Charger
Swedewaves Cortina
Swedewaves El Camino
Swedewaves Impala
Swedewaves Polara
Swedewaves Skyliner
Tiwedas Eldiga Elvira
Tiwedas Elegante Elton
Tiwedas Enastående Esther
Waggerland Perfect Timing
Registration#: NHSB2899876
Waggerland Keep It Simple
Waggerland Kick It
Waggerland Kiss This
Waggerland Take Control
Waggerland Top Marks


Category Registry ID or Results Date

Waggerland Keep Smiling

Yasashiikuma Dragon Defender

Twinroc Santa Paws PT ROMg

Telltail T for Two ROMg

Mapatma Twinroc Ticker Tape

Yasashiikuma Smoky Mountn Maid CGN, CGC, TDI, HIC, TT, ROMs

Merrymoon Firestorm ROMvB

Yasashiikuma Scirocco

Waggerland Drop Dead Gorgeous

Larchmonts Auspicious

Warwick-Larchmont Bodacious ROMg

Heart Of Gold Icing ROMs

Waggerland Bedtime Cookie

Dragonpatch Big Papa Foster

Rarebit Black Cressida