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JCW CR'13, JW PL'13 PL CH Dreamcardis NEVER GIVE UP

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Registered Name: Dreamcardis NEVER GIVE UP
Prefix Titles: JCW CR'13, JW PL'13 PL CH
Breeder: Maria Sipos
Owner: Ewa Julita Rygier
Kennel: Dreamcardis
Sire: Kilvroch Reveller
Dam: Marrow Angel Face at Melnroses
Call Name: Coby
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 19 NOV 2012
Date of Death:
Cause of Death:
Country of Birth: United Kingdom
Country of Residence: Poland
Colour: Brindle and White
Distinguishing Features:
Website: http://wert.cyberdusk.pl/blueberry/fesciak2/index.php?show=60
Known Offspring:
Cadog Du Shining Sirius
Callwen Du Shining Sirius
Carn Cabal Du Shining Sirius
Colwyn Du Shining Sirius
Coventina Du Shining Sirius
Creiddylad Du Shining Sirius
Cybi Du Shining Sirius
Cymreiges Cirila Du Shining Sirius
FEST BEAUTY z Domu Polanki (FCI)
FIDO DIDO z Domu Polanki (FCI)
FOLLOW ME z Domu Polanki (FCI)
FORGET-ME-NOT z Domu Polanki (FCI)
FRODO z Domu Polanki (FCI)
FUN FANTASY z Domu Polanki (FCI)
Fest Papa Smerf
Fest Peter Pan
Fest Pinocchio at Corgilandia
Fest Pocahontas
Fest Pokemon
Vagabond Sun Z Jurajskiego Zamku (FCI)
Valentine's Sunshine Z Zurajskiego Zamku
Valentino's Star Z Jurajskiego Zamku
Valenzia Suprise Z Jurajskiego Zamku
Valetta Sweetheart z Jurajskiego Zamku (FCI)
Varadero Sand Z Jurajskiego Zamku
Venezia Superstar Z Jurajskiego Zamku
Verona Supernova Z Jurajskiego Zamku
Veyron Speed Z Jurajskiego Zamku
Vicky's Son Z Jurajskiego Zamku
Vivaldi's Sky Z Jurajskiego Zamku
Registration#: PKR.I-73747
Dreamcardis Falling in Love


Category Registry ID or Results Date

Dreamcardis NEVER GIVE UP

Kilvroch Reveller

Joseter Downunder At Paxwold

Bethwyn Music Man
Joseter Tamnanulin

Kilvroch Silk Stockings
Joseter Doublewood

Kilvroch Musette

Marrow Angel Face at Melnroses

Born To Be Bomba Superman Gaucho

Fest Agbar

Tytania-Lisiura Controversia

Fest Cejla

Yardican US Westwyn Leo

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