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JCH Slo, Hun, CH Hun, Srb, Rou NHAT P/EXC Dom Corgi Olympia's Wonderland

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Registered Name: Dom Corgi Olympia's Wonderland
Prefix Titles: JCH Slo, Hun, CH Hun, Srb, Rou NHAT P/EXC
Breeder: Tatiana Falimonova
Owner: Beata Juhaszova
Sire: Shepados Hercule Poirot
Dam: Dannidaks Nice Floretta
Call Name: Lima
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: 26 AUG 2017
Date of Death:
Cause of Death:
Country of Birth: Russia
Country of Residence: Slovak Republic
Colour: Black and White with Brindle
Distinguishing Features:
Known Offspring:
Victory Junior Winner - 2018, Junior Champion of Slovakia, Hungária, CH of Hungaria, Serbia, Romania. NHAT P/EXC. PRA - N/N, fluffy - clear, DM - carrier.
Dom Corgi O'Henry
Dom Corgi Omg Thnx For Trsre
Dom Corgi One and Only
Dom Corgi Onix in The Gold
Dom Corgi Oriental Dream
Dom Corgi Oscar Wilde
Dom Corgi Ultraviolet
Dom Corgi Unbelievable Miracle
Dom Corgi Unique In The World
Dom Corgi Unreal Beauty
Dom Corgi Uranus Victorius
Dom Corgi Zabrina
Dom Corgi Zaltan
Dom Corgi Zarana
Dom Corgi Zarberus
Dom Corgi Zelia
Dom Corgi Zephyr
Dom Corgi Zlatanus
Dom Corgi Zodellin


Category Registry ID or Results Date

Dom Corgi Olympia's Wonderland

Shepados Hercule Poirot

All Trade Rollercoaster

Yardican Black Knight

All Trade Kama Sutra

Shepados Fa Li

Adonis' A Noble Lad

Cardigarden's Dion C's Melody

Dannidaks Nice Floretta

Aethwy Blueberry Hill

Bredwardine Blue Peter at Gwenlais

Aethwy Ingrid

Ceridwen Mellow

Catellus Dark Dorian

Yardican Dahlia In Red