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Firstname: Traci
Lastname: Genaw
Street: 514 S. 113th Street
Postal Code: 85208
City: Mesa, AZ
Country: USA
Email: traci@gotcorgi.com
Phone: 480-313-3253
Homepage: http://www.gotcorgi.com
Breeder: yes

Owner of:

Breeder of:

Oakcreek N Tanalyn Dixieland Delight
Tanalyn's Alabama Sky
Tanalyn's Always Give Me A Chance
Tanalyn's Always In Time
Tanalyn's Always Remembered
Tanalyn's Always Searching
Tanalyn's Blair Molly
Tanalyn's Boomer Archie
Tanalyn's Cherished Autumn Splendor
Tanalyn's Cherished Muse
Tanalyn's Cherished Peacemaker
Tanalyn's Cherished Spirit
Tanalyn's Christal Close Enough to Perfect
Tanalyn's Convoy
Tanalyn's Crescendo
Tanalyn's First Stone
Tanalyn's Flat Stanley
Tanalyn's Full Measure of Devotion
Tanalyn's Hopeless Wanderer
Tanalyn's I Got Rhythm
Tanalyn's In Pictures
Tanalyn's Into The Aether
Tanalyn's JayHawk's Always Serenity
Tanalyn's Looking for Adventure
Tanalyn's Midnight Rider
Tanalyn's Midnight Train to Georgia
Tanalyn's No Bad Days
Tanalyn's Penning the Declaration
Tanalyn's Quest Endz
Tanalyn's Roll On
Tanalyn's Sonic Sadie FTF
Tanalyn's Sophie George
Tanalyn's Take It Easy
Tanalyn's Think Of Me
Tanalyn's Tribute to our Forefathers
Tanalyn's Whish Gone in 6 Seconds
Tanalyn's Whistle