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Firstname: Robert R. (Bob)
Lastname: Caldwell
Street: 9400 Sperry RD
Postal Code: 44060-8067
City: Mentor, OH
Country: USA
Email: kennebec@mail.com
Phone: (440) 256-3343
Homepage: http://www.corgis.biz/kennebec.htm
Breeder: yes

Owner of:

Breeder of:

Bouev's Ebony Checkmate
Checkmate's Bounty Hunter ROMs
Checkmate's Myfancy
Domino's Checkmate Genius
Kennbec Red Oak Dreamweaver
Kennebec Ann Bonny
Kennebec Autumn Rogue
Kennebec Black Magic
Kennebec Casey O'Riley
Kennebec Coedwig Wayward Wind
Kennebec Curse Of The Black Pearl
Kennebec Daggett Royal
Kennebec Dazzling Dharma
Kennebec Diggin' Up Bones
Kennebec Dunes Limited Edition
Kennebec Everybody Loves...
Kennebec Fiona Rose Joseter
Kennebec Flannigan Bronqwaynt
Kennebec Give Back My Heart
Kennebec Golden Rings
Kennebec Golden Sunrise
Kennebec Gwynedd
Kennebec Hot In Cleveland
Kennebec Ice Coffee On Sperry Road
Kennebec II
Kennebec Jolly Roger
Kennebec Ms Short Sox
Kennebec Nashville Skyline
Kennebec Pluperfect Picabo
Kennebec Poe's Raven
Kennebec Praline Surprise
Kennebec Qwaynts Miss Danielle
Kennebec Red Dragon of Josen CD PT HT JHD VC TDI CGC
Kennebec Red Oak Romeo
Kennebec Red Oak Rowena
Kennebec Samwise Gamgee
Kennebec Sir Gustav Mahler
Kennebec Slip N Slider
Kennebec Spot On Vestavia
Kennebec Tickle My Fancy
Kennebec Travis Of Ricochet
Kennebec Visions Of Ireland
Kennebec Willie Wrayno
Kennebec Wind Chimes Of Qwaynt
Kennebec Windtalker
Kennebec Zeus Oban Toots
Kennebec-Ricochet Black Bart
Kennebec's Sabrina Fair
Northwood Kennebec Choice
Ricochet Vangogh Of Beaszak
Ricochet's Captain Morgan