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Firstname: Harry
Lastname: Griffith
Street: 33903 Cripple Creek Dr
Postal Code: 77362
City: Pinehurst
Country: USA
Email: harry@arylan.com
Phone: 8328454609
Homepage: http://www.Arylan.com
Breeder: yes

Owner of:

Breeder of:

Arylan Annie Get Your Gun
Arylan Blue Nautilus
Arylan Calling An Audible
Arylan Chickie's Darlin' Dylan
Arylan Cruisin Flyby
Arylan Custom Goldwing
Arylan Diamond Lil
Arylan First Edition RN AM CD TD
Arylan Flight From Justice BN RN
Arylan Flower Belle
Arylan Flying the Colors at Solstice
Arylan Fruity Pebbles
Arylan Gilded Lily
Arylan Mint Proof
Arylan Northstar Blu Puff A Smoke
Arylan Opus One of Allegro
Arylan Papa Was A Rolling Stone
Arylan Papa's In The Pokey
Arylan Ruby Mountain Serenity
Arylan Secret Liaison
Arylan Silver Service
Arylan Solstice Misty Mtn Mandolin
Arylan Special Envoy to Aragorn
Arylan Tribute to Liberty
Arylan Winston Mannion
Arylan's Fenian Warrior
Arylan's Leila Mini Gau Mui
Arylan's No Question
Arylans Great Expectations
Arylans Rhett Butler
Arylans Sense And Sensibility
Arylans Singin In The Rain
Kantasia's Arylan She's Got The Look
Phinneas Triumphant
Solstice Fly Girl, RN CGC
Solstice The Flying Farmer