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Firstname: Kim
Lastname: Kiefer
Postal Code:
Country: USA
Breeder: yes

Owner of:

Breeder of:

Coedwig's Baby Bleu My Mind CGC
Coedwig's Bee Eternal
Coedwig's Meant to Bee
Grandiose NAB's A Wicked Stacked Deck
Grandiose Only Wicked After Midnight, PT RATN CGC TKN
Grandiose Something Wicked Comes to Samhain
Samhain Angel Of Spring
Samhain Brite Pyrite
Samhain Mosaic Pieces Of Eight
Samhain RCR Vanguard's Spiral Path
Samhain Silver Lining At Stonelight
Samhain Smoky Quartz
Samhain Sticks And Stones
Samhain Titanium Tate
Samhain Trinity Rvr Katie Lorene
Samhain Windfall's Hot Pursuit
Samhain's Apache Plume
Samhain's As You Wish RN BCAT CGC TKN
Samhain's Aww Shucks
Samhain's Believe it or Not
Samhain's Bump In The Night
Samhain's Busy Bee
Samhain's Calypso
Samhain's Everything Happens for a Reason CGC
Samhain's Flying High
Samhain's Friendly Nightshade
Samhain's Garden Party
Samhain's Guilty Pleasure
Samhain's Gypsy Queen
Samhain's Harvest Moon
Samhain's Hoist the Sails
Samhain's Little Miss Hot Shot
Samhain's Little Miss Priss
Samhain's Morel Compass
Samhain's Morel High Ground
Samhain's Neon Cinderella
Samhain's Odds and Ends
Samhain's Oh Say it Ain't Soo
Samhain's Spirit of Adventure
Samhain's Stoick Silver Bleu
Samhain's TBD (George)
Samhain's TBD (Jubilee)
Samhain's TBD (Koa)
Samhain's TBD (Pancho)
Samhain's The Black Knight
Samhain's Tory Lynn
Samhain's Trouble Brewing NA NF CGC
Samhain's Tylwyth Teg
Samhain's Windfall Shiver Me Timbers
Samhain's Witchcraft At Grandiose
Samhain’s The Worst Pies in London at Sanddigger
Samhains Easy as Pi
Samhains Flight Of The Bumble Bee To Grandiose
Von Schwartz Samhain Get You And Your Lil Dog Too
Von Schwartz Samhain Wonderland Dragon Glass
Vschwartz Samhain Alpha-Omega Hotpot