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Firstname: Eugenia B (Genie)
Lastname: Bishop
Postal Code:
City: Flemington, NJ
Country: USA
Breeder: yes

Owner of:

Breeder of:

Aragorns Lady Edna Of Cardach
Cardach Angus Ben Fulton
Cardach Bj's Lucille Ball RN PT OA AXJ VC ROMg
Cardach Blue Wagn Gingergale
Cardach Coblyn Red Riding Hood
Cardach Dragon's Lair Chloe
Cardach Dragon's Lair Fresca
Cardach Dragon's Lair Kaspar
Cardach Dragon's Lair Shasta
Cardach Dragon's Lair Sprite
Cardach Fab Four Paws, CGC, PT, Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dog
Cardach Ginger Beer
Cardach Gracie Bella CD, BN, RAE, FDC, ACT2, CGCA
Cardach Happy's Blu Bootes
Cardach Happy's Fyxen CDX
Cardach Midnight Snacker
Cardach Victoria's Rose
Cardach Winchester Davidson
Cardach's Blue Kelsey
Cardach's Bluprint Of A Dragon
Cardach's Code Blue RI RATN
Cardach's David
Cardach's Diva In Blue
Cardach's Elisabethan Blue HT
Cardach's Just One Look RE OAP AJP SWN SIA CGC
Cardach's Lisa Marie
Cardach's Mary Poppins CDX NA
Cardach's Whoa Nellie of Poland
Cardachs Robin Hood Of Sunup
Dragon's Lair-Cardach Moxie
Dragon's Lair-Cardach SCHWPPS
Happy's Blue Orion
Happy’s Carter
Hedgerow's Man Of Steel AM CD RN HT MX MXJ NAP AJP XF VCX
Hedgerow's Medusa At Sawmill HT NAP NJP ROMb
Hedgerow's Millenium Force
Hedgerow's Storm Runner
Hedgerow's Zach Zoomer
Leonardo Da Fellows
Visions Cardach Bright Blessed Day CGC TKN
Visions Cardach Clouds Of White
Visions Cardach Dark Sacred Night TKN STAR Puppy
Visions Cardach Red Roses Too
Visions Cardach Skies Of Blue
Windshyre By By Blackbird
Windshyre's Mariah
Windshyre's Tuxedo Junction