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Firstname: Kimberly
Lastname: Jacobson
Street: 5196 W Stimmel Rd
Postal Code: 67401
City: Salina, KS
Country: USA
Homepage: http://www.westwindcardigancorgis.com
Breeder: yes

Owner of:

Breeder of:

Camelot's Caribbean Blue
Camelot's Danced With The Devil
CH Westwinds guardian of the galaxy
Stone House Hank The Tank
Westwind Cory
Westwind Devil's Advocate
Westwind Lady Diamond
Westwind Midnite Rendezvous
Westwind's Back in Black
Westwind's black label
Westwind's Blue's Clue
Westwind's Did You See My Shadow
Westwind's Double Jeopardy
Westwind's Famous Amos Odis
Westwind's I Am A Shadow
Westwind's If The Shoe Fits
Westwind's Mr Sunshine
Westwind's Outkast
Westwind's Reflection of Camelot
Westwind's Sir Weston
Westwind's Skyblue
Westwinds Bluesuede Of Omega
Westwinds Kelleckimo Q Camelot
Westwinds Promise To Camelot
Westwinds Summertime Blues
Westwinds-Camelot’s the book of Eli
Windcaste's Sweet Baby Pickles
Windcastl's Midnite Moonstone
Windcastle In Houston's Shadow
Windcastle's Court Jester
Windcastle's Diamonds And Denim
Windcastle's Go'En Back To Houston
Windcastle's My Shadow