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Firstname: Annabel Irene
Lastname: Maley
Street: 739 Ebenezer Road
Postal Code: 24554
City: Gladys, VA
Country: USA
Email: cavaliercardigans@gmail.com
Phone: 434-665-9036
Breeder: yes

Owner of:

Breeder of:

Cavalier Always In The Nick Of Time
Cavalier Bewitched By Faith PT
Cavalier Cassie's Ghost
Cavalier Colette
Cavalier Count Your Pennies RN NAP NJP PT
Cavalier Cubs Win
Cavalier Gingerbread Cookie RN NA NAJ AXP MJP
Cavalier Holly's Ha'Penny HT CGC
Cavalier Skyrocketing Penny
Cavalier Statue of a Fool
Cavalier Sweet Virginia Breeze
Cavalier Virginia Gentleman
Cavalier Virginia Summer Breeze
Cavalier Virginia Tulsa Time
Cavalier Virginia Wins
Cavalier Win Dixie
Cavalier Win's Hannie Schaft
Cavalier's Cranberry Muffin
Cavalier's Halloween Knight OA NAJ
Cavalier's Harvest Hope
Cavalier's Jolly Holly AM CD OA NAJ NAP PT JHD VC ROMb
Cavalier's Lincoln Penny NJP
Cavalier's Memento Of Molly
Cavalier's Patriotic Penny RN NJP HSAd JHD VC
Cavalier's Pretty Penny RN NA NAJ NJP
Cavalier's Taffy Apple
Cavalier's Trick Or Treat
Woodrose N Cavalier All Tricked Out