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Firstname: Garrett
Lastname: Ramsay
Street: 7720 W Winslow road
Postal Code: 61089
Country: USA
Email: ebonwald@gmail.com
Phone: 2183716106
Homepage: http://www.ebonwald.com
Breeder: yes

Owner of:

Breeder of:

Ebonwald A Minnesota Blessing CGC RE STDs
Ebonwald Brace For Impact At Toshay
Ebonwald Darling Pippa Stole Our Hearts
Ebonwald Merrymoon
Ebonwald Merrymoon Call A Spade A Spade
Ebonwald Merrymoon Call Me A Trikstr
Ebonwald Merrymoon Call One's Bluff
Ebonwald Merrymoon Carry The Day
Ebonwald Merrymoon Catch Me If You Can
Ebonwald Merrymoon Collateral Damage
Ebonwald's A Blessed Pirate Queen HT
Ebonwald's Ask The Blessing
Ebonwald's Barely Legal
Ebonwald's Be Home By Midnight PT
Ebonwald's Be On The Lookout
Ebonwald's Blazing A Trail
Ebonwald's Brave The Elements
Ebonwald's Dearly Beloved CGC RN
Ebonwald's Debts Of The Heart
Ebonwald's Destined For Love
Ebonwald's Dirty Little Love Song
Ebonwald's Exotic 67 GT At Madhatter
Ebonwald's Girls Wait For No One
Ebonwald's Give Me a Reason to Wait
Ebonwald's Gosh Waiting Me Blue CGC
Ebonwald's Having a Hay Day
Ebonwald's Here To Make The Rules
Ebonwald's I Like Warm Hugs at Retro
Ebonwald's I'm Worth Melting For at Madegann
Ebonwald's Infinite Ice Winter at Madhatter
Ebonwald's Lasting Impression
Ebonwald's Matter of Priority
Ebonwald's Mother Lode At Silvermoon
Ebonwald's Priority One
Ebonwald's Priority State of Mind
Madhatter's Curiouser And Curiouser
Madhatter's Down The Rabbit Hole
Madhatter's Looking Glass At Morningstar
Madhatter's Red Queen At Ebonwald
Madhatter's Seldom Followed Advice
Madhatter’s Achilles’ Heel
Madhatter’s Boney Boney Bones
Madhatter’s Cute Little Trick
Madhatter’s Ol’ Reliable
Madhatter’s Painting The Roses Red BCAT CA FDC RATI
Madhatter’s Park Avenue Hopper
Madhatter’s Travel This Way
Madhatter’s Wrong Side of the Tracks
Spyrock Ebonwald 'Zane Greyskull'
Spyrock Ebonwald Chief
Spyrock Ebonwald My Boomerang Came Back
Spyrock Ebonwald Repeat After Me HT RN CGC STDs
Spyrock Ebonwald Return To Sender RN
Spyrock Ebonwald Zoe Resurrection Dixie