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Firstname: Mrs. Michael
Lastname: Pym
Postal Code:
Country: USA
Breeder: yes

Owner of:

Breeder of:

Braf Yr Brymore
Bronwyn of Brymore
Brymore Blue Boy of Hermitage
Brymore Toughy Browes
Brymore Wood Witch
Brymore's Brudiwyr
Brymore's Brynbach Ap Cymmie
Brymore's Buffy Babe
Brymore's Bye George
Brymore's Flame Ap Punchi
Brymore's Hi-Dere
Brymore's Joanna CD
Brymore's Jon Of Metromedia
Brymore's Lucky Lady Ap Tango
Brymore's Master Pym
Brymore's Matilda Ap Cymmie
Brymore's Miss Bryn Ap Piper
Brymore's Mr Lucky Ap Cymmie
Brymore's Nafi Ap Ifan
Brymore's Pelydrol Ap Punchi
Brymore's Shep Of Woodmoor
Brymore's Sir Gareth Ap Punchi UD
Brymore's Stormy Ap Cymmie
Brymores Ager Ap Sunny
Brymores Argus of Llareggub
Brymores Good For Gwendolyn TD CD CDX
Carias Yr Brymore CDX
Caroline's Lady Gwendoline
Daris Pam Cochin O'r Brymore
Dolin of Brymore
Domino's Dark Victory
Domino's Lucky Genius
Domino's Vanity Fair
General Ike
Gunther Tri
Happy Little Dictator
Keeche's Robin O'Brymore
Lady Holifax of Brymore
Miss Jenta of Brymore
Paddlefoot of Brymore
Queen Irma's Hi Hutch Henry Hal
Silly of Woodlands
Sir Tango
Starr O' Brymore
Trillieu of Brymore
Tudor Sian
Winsdown Brymore Carbon Blue
Winsdown Brymore China Blue