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Firstname: Cathy and Joe
Lastname: Baker
Postal Code:
City: Stuart, FL
Country: USA
Phone: info@sunkissedkennels.com
Homepage: http://www.sunkissedkennels.com/
Breeder: yes

Owner of:

Breeder of:

Buster Brown Hughes
Chester III
Gizmo The Gizamator
Lieutenant Dan Draco's Deja Blue
Pecan Valley Stonewashed
Rusty Gold Scheinhaus
Sunkissed Abby Ried
Sunkissed Back To Black
Sunkissed Blue Jean Baby
Sunkissed Burlesque
Sunkissed Cheers To A New Year
Sunkissed Cosmo Space Oddity
Sunkissed Critics Choice
Sunkissed Daisy Dukes
Sunkissed Dallas II
Sunkissed Double Trouble
Sunkissed Dream A Little Dream
Sunkissed Dream Weaver
Sunkissed Hocus Pocus
Sunkissed Hurricane Gemstone
Sunkissed In Trouble With Santa
Sunkissed Keepsake
Sunkissed Moves Like Jagger
Sunkissed Naughty Or Nice
Sunkissed Nothing But Trouble
Sunkissed Pv Carribean Blue
Sunkissed Riptide
Sunkissed Storm Tracker
Sunkissed Texas Tea
Sunkissed Tri It You'll Like It
Sunkissed Tricks Or Treats
Theodore Moving Rug
Twinroc Telltail Here Come the Red Coats