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Firstname: Sarah
Lastname: Davis
Postal Code:
City: Harrisville, RI
Country: USA
Breeder: yes

Owner of:

Breeder of:

Blacksheep Masterpiece Mystery
Blacksheep Wolfwood Divine Comedy
Blacksheep Wolfwood Dwarf Among Giants
Blacksheep Wolfwood Grim Fandango
Blacksheep Wolfwood Heavens to Murgatroyd
Cash In My Pocket
Kingscourt An Element Of Summer
Kingscourt Made In The Summer Shade
Kingscourt Summer Regatta At Benever
Kingscourt Summer Ty-Dyed Spout Off
Pyne-Woode Annie Of Lady
Pyne-Woode's Blue Breeze
Pynewood China Doll
Pynewood Clapp's Mariah
Pynewood Out Of The Blue
The Man The Myth The Legend Zeno
White Raven Arctic Fox
White Raven Billie Holiday
White Raven Bowen Arrow CGC THDN
White Raven Roof of the World
White Raven Salute of Innocence CGC RN PT HSAd TKI CZ8S
White Raven Samurai Reincarnation
White Raven Snow Bear
White Raven Teasing Georgia
White Raven Tyler
Wolfwood Brandubh Nevermore
Wolfwood Eye Candy RA
Wolfwood Firefly Serenade RN
Wolfwood Lithium Ion Of Kingscourt
Wolfwood Second To None RN
Wolfwood Shamrocks N Shenanigans
Wolfwood This End Up