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Firstname: Jessica
Lastname: Viera
Postal Code:
Country: USA
Homepage: http://www.grandiosecardigans.com
Breeder: yes

Owner of:

Breeder of:

Allegro Dreams Are Forever at Ald's
Allegro Grandiose Frankly My Dear, RA PT CA DCAT CGCA FDC TKN RATN VC
Allegro Great Balls of Fire
Allegro Leader of the Lost Boys
Allegro Never Be Hungry Again
Allegro No Sleep Til Brooklyn BCAT
Allegro Reese's Think Happy Thoughts
Allegro Til Forever Ends
Allegro's Jolly Roger
Allegro's Secret of Happiness
Allegro's Starcatcher
Grandiose Atomic Blonde
Grandiose But Why Is The Rum Gone?, RN FDC TKA
Grandiose Come And Get Your Love
Grandiose Double The Risk
Grandiose Foolish Heart
Grandiose Foolproof Idea NA NF CA RATN
Grandiose Fools Rush In at Ataraxis
Grandiose Gunpowder & Lead, RN CA
Grandiose Imagination at Work, BCAT TKN
Grandiose Infinite Moonlight
Grandiose Instant Thunder
Grandiose Laffy Tapper Taffy
Grandiose NAB's A Wicked Stacked Deck
Grandiose Obsidian Lotus
Grandiose Only Wicked After Midnight, RN PT BCAT RATN CGC TKN
Grandiose Pixlexia
Grandiose Princess Venellope
Grandiose Savvy?, BN RN TK HSAsN
Grandiose Something Wicked Comes to Samhain
Grandiose Twelve Percent Of A Plan, RN FDC
Samhains Easy as Pi
Woodrose Allegro No Gentleman HT RATN