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Firstname: Mimmi
Lastname: Momrak
Street: Svalestogvegen 6
Postal Code: 3870
City: Fyresdal
Country: Norway
Breeder: yes

Owner of:

Breeder of:

Adonis' A Noble Lad
Cardigarden's Dion C's Melody
Cardigarden's Eragon Of Dragonheart
Cardigarden's Fine Art To Carvaro
Cardigarden's Found My Nemo
Cardigarden's General Motor
Cardigarden's Golden Guardian
Cardigarden's Greenhouse Rock
Cardigarden's Jacinta Calaminta
Cardigarden's Janice Jolly Up
Cardigarden's Just A Pinch Of Chili
Cardigarden's Kimball
Cardigarden's Man Of War
Cardigarden's Midsummers Dream
Cardigarden's Mystic Amber
Cardigarden's Need I Say More
Cardigarden's No Man's Land
Cardigarden's Nothing But Hot Hot
Cardigarden's Nuggets In Disguise
Cardigarden's Obelix
Cardigarden's Ocean Gem
Cardigarden's Pawesome Pal
Cardigarden's Penny ForYourThoughts
Cardigarden's Phantom Of The Opera
Cardigarden's Poem To The People
Cardigarden's Q T
Cardigarden's Quasar
Cardigarden's Querida
Cardigarden's Quinn The Mighty
Cardigarden's Rambling Rose
Cardigarden's Return To Sender
Cardigarden's Sunflowerpower
Cardigarden's Tender Lover
Cardigarden's Treasure Hunter
Cardigarden's Undercover Boss
Cardigarden's Upsydaisy
Cardigarden's Villi Nikkersen
Cardigarden's Vote Catcher
Cardigardens Wild Thing