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Firstname: Thomas
Lastname: Korzelius
Postal Code:
Country: USA
Email: tmove@aol.com
Breeder: yes

Owner of:

Breeder of:

Ch. Hope On Encore
Emryn PT
Hope On
Hope On Angel In Disguise
Hope On Angle of Repose
Hope On Animal Crackers
Hope On Augustus
Hope On Belle Song Blue Magic
Hope On Buffalo Bill
Hope on Calamity Jane
Hope on California Caleb
Hope On Cause For Applause
Hope On First Lady Of Mt Vernon
Hope On Follow My Aero
Hope On Fred Baker
Hope On Hal 9000
Hope On Keen On You
Hope On Mia
Hope On No Static At All
Hope On One Sweet Whirled
Hope On Prince Of Wales CD RAE PT CGC VC FFX-OG TT
Hope On Raizin' A Ruckus
Hope On Rendezvous
Hope On Somethin' Else
Hope On Sunny
Hope On Sw Fair Trade Agreement RN
Hope On The Silent Screen
Hope On Tregaron Nutmeg
Hope On's A Caribbean Sunrise
Hope On's Curtain Call
Hope On's Day-Glo
Hope On's I'm King of the Jungle HT
Hope On's Intuition, ROMb
Hope On's Lillyputian
Hope On's Lucky Luka
Hope On's Lucy In The Sky
Hope On's Packs A Punch
Hope On's Queen of Chaos TKI
Hope On's Reginald The Great
Hope On's Steely Dan
Hope On's Whale Song