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Firstname: Malin
Lastname: Eriksson
Street: Veberod 333
Postal Code:
City: Veberod
Country: Sweden
Email: carddicted@gmail.com
Phone: 46 760 52 36 37
Homepage: http://www.carddicted.com
Breeder: yes

Owner of:

Breeder of:

Carddicted AB FAB
Carddicted Achtung Baby
Carddicted Addis Abbeba
Carddicted After The Break
Carddicted Ammunition Box
Carddicted Baksheesh
Carddicted Batteries Not Included
Carddicted Creative Chaos
Carddicted Curiosity Killed The Cat
Carddicted Dealers Choice
Carddicted Dee Oh Gee
Carddicted Depeche Toi
Carddicted Devil In Disguise
Carddicted Dix Points
Carddicted Double Trouble
Carddicted Drop Dead Beautiful
Carddicted Dry Clean Only
Carddicted Earl Grey
Carddicted Ebony N Ivory
Carddicted Enough Is Enough
Carddicted Frosting On The Cake
Carddicted Ginger M Ale
Carddicted Girl Next Door
Carddicted Give Me Five
Carddicted Gonnabe A Wannabe
Carddicted Hakuna Matata
Carddicted Hard To Resist
Carddicted Hati Hati
Carddicted Heidi Heidi Ho
Carddicted Here I Am
Carddicted Hide N Seak
Carddicted Hokuz Pokuz
Carddicted Horri Belle
Carddicted I'm The One
Carddicted In Cognito
Carddicted In Command
Carddicted In Shall A
Carddicted Ini Mini Mo
Carddicted It's Magic
Carddicted Jalapeno
Carddicted Jalla Jalla
Carddicted Jelly Bean
Carddicted Jigsaw Puzzle
Carddicted Journeyman
Carddicted Just A Little More Bite
Carddicted Just Do It
Carddicted Just Watch Me
Carddicted Ka Ching
Carddicted Kick Start
Carddicted King Diamond
Carddicted Knock Out
Carddicted Know How
Carddicted Kodak Moment
Carddicted Koh I Noor
Carddicted Mad Dog
Carddicted Made in Sweden
Carddicted My Jazz King
Carddicted Naughty By Nature
Carddicted No Hablo Espanol
Carddicted Nothing To Declare
Carddicted Oh My Dog
Carddicted One Of A Kind
Carddicted Ouagadougou
Carddicted Pot Of Gold
Carddicted Qwa Qwa
Carddicted Qwerty
Carddicted Return To Sender
Carddicted Ring Of Fire
Carddicted Rock N Joll
Carddicted Taa Daa
Carddicted Tabula Rasa
Carddicted Temper Dear Temper
Carddicted Ti Amo
Carddicted Tic Tac Toe
Carddicted U Drive Me Crazy
Carddicted Worth Waiting For
Carddicted Xtra Ordinary