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Firstname: Jaimie
Lastname: Outer
Street: 16 Cooley mountain road
Postal Code: 12768
City: Parksville, Ny
Country: USA
Email: Sanddiggercardigans@gmail.com
Phone: 8455945633
Breeder: yes

Owner of:

Breeder of:

Duckpond Sanddigger Puddleduck Devil In Disguise
LEGACYLEGEND When Pigs Fly From Puddleduck SD
LL THIS LIL PIG SAID WHEE All The Way To Puddleduc
Puddleduck Sanddigger Where's Waldo?
Puddleduck Sd Dp The Devil May Care
Puddleduck Sd Let's Giv'Em Somethin To Talk About
Puddleduck SD There's a Kind of Hush
Sanddigger Dp Pd The Devil Made Nordost Do It
Sanddigger PD Thunderroad
Sanddigger PD Fire and Ice at Hope's Country CA, HIT
Sanddigger PD Her Majesty's Secret Service @Hope's Country
Sanddigger PD Herd it Through the Vineyard@Casanova
Sanddigger Pd Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte CA
Sanddigger PD OH D D D D Dear
Sanddigger Puddleduck Bat OuttaHell
Sanddigger Puddleduck Helluva Ride
Sanddigger Puddleduck Limitless
Sanddigger Puddleduck Magic Mushroom
Sanddigger Puddleduck Reign of Fire
Sanddigger's Hush Money
Sanddigger's Hush Up!