Pedigree of Baledwr Sneak Attack SCN CGC TKN
Baledwr Sneak Attack SCN CGC TKNC-Myste Baledwr Free to Disagree HT RI TKN CGC VC ROMbMerrymoon Firestorm ROM-v-bPhi-Vestavia Pirate's Patch
Phi-Vestavia Unforgettable
Mariel Reese's Alice Springs ROMsReese's Bold As Brass ROMb
Ironhill Valentine To Mariel AM CD ROMs
Toshay's You Had Me At Hello TKNTwinroc Santa Paws PT ROMgTelltail T for Two ROMg
Mapatma Twinroc Ticker Tape
Toshay's FireflyShadowalk Trademark ROMg
Toshay's Burnt Umber
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