Pedigree of Alpha-Omega El Charro Negro

Alpha-Omega El Charro Negro

Coedwig's El Mariachi of Alpha-Omega

Snapdragon Coedwig's Polar Ice

Coedwig's Carbon Blue ROMg

Snapdragon Bless Your Heart ROMS Versatility

Coedwig's Pandora

Belukha's Strength of Judges

Coedwig's Annie Oakley

Pecan Valley Snowfall at Alfa-Omega

Pecan Valley Telltail Frosty the Showman

Pecan Valley Grand Larceny
Telltail Violets R Blue

Buckaroo Twinroc Fastest Girl At Regent

Regent Midnight Rush RN NAP NJP ROM-V-Silver

Twinroc Buckaroo Bramble PT
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