Pedigree of Visions Cardach Red Roses Too

Visions Cardach Red Roses Too

Visions Debonaire Commander In Chief TKN, ATT, CGC, FDC

Merrythought The Keeping Quilt ROMVs

Pecan Valley Blue Thunder

Coedwig's The Quiltmaker

Beitshemesh Cafe Au Lait ROMb

Coedwig's Silversmith At Beitshemesh

Woodfordgreen Vesta At Beitshemesh

Cornerstone Visions Cardach Nostalgia CGC, TKA, RN, VC

Indium To The Hilt With Toreth

Toreth's Tungsten Archer FDC

Toreth's Barnstormin' At Indium

Cornerstone's Assurance

Galena Cornerstone Imagine

Cornerstone's Over The Moon
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