Pedigree of Crosswinds Crown Jewel
Crosswinds Crown JewelParadiddle Ozmo If The Shoe FitsParadiddle's Chain ReactionCoedwig's Vestavia Luminescence CDX RAE PT OA OAJ OAP OJP ROMg
Conquest Coedwig's Rainy Day ROMb
Paradiddle's Moulin RougeCoedwig's Hearts O'Fire
Conquest Coedwig's Rainy Day ROMb
Crosswinds CaressCrosswinds Cowboy UpShadowalk Wynsum Wyzard
Crosswind Banners Maggie Luv
Sisterwood Brine N' BrimstoneWindshyre's Personna
Sisterwood's Angel 'N Disguise
This pedigree was generated by The Cardigan Archives