Pedigree of Beitshemesh Aurora's Magic
Beitshemesh Aurora's Magic

Shadowalk Reaching For The Stars at Beitshemesh
Shadowalk Pushin the Limit

Shadowalk Trademark ROMg

Shadowalk Yahtzee ROMb
Shadowalk Under Sunny Skies

Shadowalk Trademark ROMg
Telltail-The Devine Ms M

Coedwig's Island Girl at Beitshemesh

Coedwig's Malachite RN HXAds STDc HTADIIIds OTDc ATDds HTDI-D,S VC ROMG

Visions I Have A Dream RN PT CA CGC TT VC ROMVb

Wolfrun Coedwig's Angelou

FRM MoneyPenny ROMs

Blondie's Quite A Guy
McMatt's Silver Essence
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