Pedigree of Raconteur Luci Of Sevenoaks
Raconteur Luci Of Sevenoaks

Pluperfect Princeling ROMb

Kennebec Ice Anchor ROMg

Talbot's Pilot Programme

Kennebec Kate Of Rhydowen

Pluperfect Primrose ROMg
Winstonwil the Talisman

Pluperfect Winstonwil Plum

Raconteur Jingle Belle SF
Kollage's Opus P PuppyMegwyn's Rowdy Roadrunner AM CD ROMb
Kollage's Rue Ap Sage AM CD

Shiloh's Josie of Raconteur

Kennebec Ice Anchor ROMg
Winstonwil's Tigger AM CDX
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