Pedigree of Aurigan's Kantasia Rolls Royce
Aurigan's Kantasia Rolls RoyceMerrythought The Keeping QuiltPecan Valley Blue ThunderPecan Valley Avalanche
Sisterwood Black Iris
Coedwig's The QuiltmakerCoedwig's Malachite RN HXAds STDc HTADIIIds OTDc ATDds HTDI-D,S VC ROMG
FRM MoneyPenny ROMs
Aurigan Mantle JezabelleTailbrite Beltane Dark Before DawnPhi-Vestavia Koltrain
Aurigan Ms Midnite Tailbrite
Aurigan Mantle Strikes Again PT CD RETwinan Ultimate Strike
Aurigan Mantle Out Of Thin Air ROMb
This pedigree was generated by The Cardigan Archives