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BIS BISS AM CH Coedwig's Carbon Blue ROMg

picture of dog
Registered Name: Coedwig's Carbon Blue ROMg
Prefix Titles: BIS BISS AM CH
Breeder: Kim Shira
Owner: Kim Shira
Margaret Sullivan
Kennel: Coedwig
Sire: Spectrum Harlem Shuffle ROMs
Dam: Coedwig's Lilac ROMb
Call Name: Carbon
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 24 APR 1995
Date of Death: 17 APR 2010
Cause of Death:
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
Colour: Blue Merle and White with Brindle
Distinguishing Features:
Website: http://www.coedwig.com
Known Offspring:
Afara Incandescent
Afara Indigo Tache AX AXJ XF
Afara It Had To Be Blue
Baledwr Cadwaladr
Baledwr Carbon Blue Cosmo
Baledwr Coal Baron Of Carbon
Baledwr Cobalt Sky
Baledwr Crystal Chalice, TBAD
Baledwr Desert Rose
Baledwr Desert Sunset
Baledwr Don't Make Me Blue
Baledwr Double O Seven At Scaura
Baledwr Torlan Crystal Carbon
Blackhills Blew By Ewe HT RA CD RATN RATO ROMb
Blackhills Cassiopia
Blackhills Celestial Being
Blackhills Cobalt Cooper RN
Blackhills Coedwig Lady Zorro
Blackhills Coedwig's Carbon Black
Blackhills Dreamcatcher
Blackhills Hey Mister
Blackhills Luna
Blackhills Merlyn's Magic
Blackhills Percy
Blackhills Sylvester Stallone
Blackhills Thunderstruck
Blue Moon Heffalump Of Faeriesteed
Cailly's Argyle
Cailly's Cramer OA OAJ
Cailly's Emma
Cailly's Lord Greystoke NA NAJ NJP
Cailly's Olivia MX AXJ
Cailly's Random Walk
Cailly's Tiger Woods CD
Cailly's Up Tick Diggs
Cailly's Wall Street Star
Canuck Bridgeladys Instigator AM CD RE
Canuck's Rhythem And Blues
Canucks Bear Claw Wilderness
Canucks Black Lillyann
Canucks Boogie Woogie Blues
Canucktricreek Jazzman Jives
Coedwig Stardust For Wonderland
Coedwig's Alchemist
Coedwig's Autumn Elegance
Coedwig's Belukha's Cryonic Anticipation
Coedwig's Black Chieftan
Coedwig's Black Eyed Susan
Coedwig's Black Velvet Corkie
Coedwig's Blackhills Star Gazer
Coedwig's Blue Dahlia
Coedwig's Blue Lucie
Coedwig's Blue My Mind
Coedwig's Blue Sapphire RN
Coedwig's Blue Steel CDX
Coedwig's Bluestar At Ashgrove
Coedwig's Carbon Lilac Ziva
Coedwig's Clare-De-Lune
Coedwig's Cobalt Saloon
Coedwig's Cohnwees Fifty Shades of Grey
Coedwig's Dance With Me at Torlan UD RE PT MXP3 MXPB MJP3 MJPB PAX XFP MVCX CGC TDI
Coedwig's Davenitch Bestfriend
Coedwig's Dejavu
Coedwig's Directors Cut
Coedwig's Driad's Timbre
Coedwig's Etched In Granite
Coedwig's Eye Of The Storm
Coedwig's Finn Raud
Coedwig's Flash Fire
Coedwig's Forever In Blue Genes
Coedwig's Game Of Graces
Coedwig's Graceful Symphony
Coedwig's Grey Goose Of White Hart HSAs RN CGC ROMVB VC STAD-1s OTDd STDs JHDs ROMVb
Coedwig's Isabella Francisca Bemoss
Coedwig's Juniper
Coedwig's Kantasia Black Velvet
Coedwig's Keeper Of The Ring
Coedwig's Levi Blue
Coedwig's Lola
Coedwig's Lucky Clover
Coedwig's Madm Pauline On Clay
Coedwig's Meet Me In St Louis
Coedwig's Mesty Medley Venus
Coedwig's Midnight Jazz
Coedwig's Midnight Mica
Coedwig's Midnight Winnie
Coedwig's Miss Behavin'
Coedwig's Morgan Bear
Coedwig's Morning Starr
Coedwig's Move It On Over RN
Coedwig's Mr. Wiggins
Coedwig's My Pal Joey
Coedwig's Mystic Topaz RA HSAs
Coedwig's Night Breeze
Coedwig's No Regrets
Coedwig's On Point
Coedwig's Onyx Samurai
Coedwig's Optimystique
Coedwig's Out Of The Blue, RA
Coedwig's Paradiddle Blue Willow
Coedwig's Pecan Valley Carbon's Calico OAP OJP
Coedwig's Pin-Up Girl
Coedwig's Princess Elcie Woo
Coedwig's Purple Haze
Coedwig's Queen Of The Night
Coedwig's R Hills Serendipity
Coedwig's Roc Around The Clock CD RA
Coedwig's Rose Of Sharon
Coedwig's Sail On Silvergirl
Coedwig's Samhain Ghost BN RAE
Coedwig's Seaforth Little Jackie
Coedwig's Sensation
Coedwig's Silverscreen
Coedwig's Snow White ROMb
Coedwig's Something To Talk About
Coedwig's Sparkle and Shine AM CD
Coedwig's Special Effects CGC
Coedwig's Tafarnwr Wind Dancer
Coedwig's To Dance With The White Dog
Coedwig's Too Hot To Handle
Coedwig's Velveteen Rabbit NJP CGC TDI
Coedwig's Verdi Go
Coedwig's Vestavia Luminescence CDX RAE PT OA OAJ OAP OJP ROMg
Coedwig's WG Winters Dream
Coedwig's Wasabi Blue
Coedwig's White Clover
Coedwig's Wolfgang Cryptic Star
Crazy Quilt Ciara Serendipity AM CD RA
Crazy Quilt Poetry In Motion
Crazy Quilt's Hannah Banana
Crazy Quilt's Wild Card
Darby's Tuxedo Of Royalwood
Davenitch Coedwig's Bellatrix
Davenitch Jacob's Ladder
Davenitch Tri It His Way
Davenitch Underdog Victorious
Diffily's Madlin
Faeriesteed's A Toast To Friendship
Faeriesteed's Bronco Billy
Faeriesteed's Just Too Busy Being Fabulous
Faeriesteed's Queen Alexandra
Fairiesteed Trinity Rvr Diamond Joules
Farpoint's Takin' Chances
Farpoints Wee Dram NAP NJP
Fiona Sarah Bella
Glasshouse Box Office Bliss HT PT JHD CAA
Glasshouse Midnight Marquee
Glasshouse Silent Movie CGC RATO
Glasshouse Tylwyth's Matinee Idol
Glyn Dwr's Castell Cardiff
Glyn Dwr's Castell Nedd
Glyn Dwr's Castell Y Bere
Heart Of Gold Simply Emily
Heart Of Gold's Trublu To Darwin
Hope On
Hope On Animal Crackers
Hope On Belle Song Blue Magic
Hope On First Lady Of Mt Vernon
Hope On Mia
Hope On's Lillyputian
Hope On's Reginald The Great
Hova Bonde's Hailey Dean
Hova Bonde's Hetty Lange
Hova Bonde's Hilda Wade
Icon's Life's Little Fable
Icon's Sebon Mackey
Kelsey's Razzle Dazzle Basil
Liddie Lady
Lynn D Cross Black Lace
LynnDee's Baxter Black Poetry
Lynndee's Blue Thunder Wing
Lynndee's Charlee Blue Lace
Lynndee's Dakota Moon
Lynndee's Horatio
Lynndee's True Blue Sterling
Merrythought Dagmar Morant
Merrythought Nw Winter Blues
Merrythought Prince Of Coedwig
Merrythought Saved The Best For Last
Mosaic Coedwig's Mirage
Mosaic's Jumpin Black Splash
Mosaic's Ramblin' Rose
Narnia's Crystal Blue Fire
Pawcific Chase The Wind
Pawcific Nightly Breeze
Pecan Valley Baker's Lexie
Pecan Valley Black Sash
Pecan Valley Blue Panda
Phi-Vestavia Lapis Lazarus
Phi-Vestavia Leilani AM CD OA OAJ OAP AJP
Phi-Vestavia Luv At Ulamauna
Pistol Repete Is A Spotted Fox
Rocky Mountain Heart Of Gold
Royalwood's Darcy
Royalwood's Darlyn
Royalwood's Dustem Off
Rubad Black Diamond
Rubad Early Dawn
Rubad Gryff
Rubad Pal Mille Foglia Of PP NA
Rubad Ruby's Precious Winnie
Rubad's Catch Me If You Can RE NA NAP
Rubads Blue Rhapsody By Deco AXP MJP NFP
Samhain Brite Pyrite
Samhain Smoky Quartz
Samhain Titanium Tate
Samhain Trinity Rvr Katie Lorene
Scaura Gustav's Blustery Day
Scaura Jack Be Nimbus
Scaura's Blare Chocolate NAJ
Scaura's Lunar Eclipse
Scaura's Storm Warning
Sisterwood Carbonatd Sunkist
Sisterwood Holly Berry Blue
Sisterwood's Twilight Eyes
Sisterwood's Witchy Woman
Snapdragon Coedwig's Polar Ice
Snapdragon Heart Of The Matter
Spanish Oaks Batik NAP
Spanish Oaks Samhain Knight
Spanishoaks Coedwig Stetson
Spanishoaks Tapestry In Blue NA NAJ NJP
Spectrum Spanish Harlem CGC
Spotted Fox Blonde Silver Lace
Spotted Fox Coedwig Clover
Spotted Fox Rita
Starrynights Devil Mde Me Do It
Starrynites Devils Food
Starrynites Silver Tongue Devil
Sunshine's Bella Blu Of Royalwood
Sunshine's Carbon Blueprint
Sunshine's Carbon Footprint
Sunshine's Mma Precious Ramotswe
Tafarnwr Afara HappilyEverafter
Tafarnwr Bluskies Twobis Dream
Tafarnwr Bryn Blackshadow
Tafarnwr Carbon's Lil Shadow
Tafarnwr Coedwig Sapphire HT OJP VCX CGC TDI
Tafarnwr Dreadnaught
Tafarnwr Firebrand
Tafarnwr Man In Black
Tafarnwr Me And My Shadow
Tafarnwr Mirror Image
Tafarnwr Miss Congeniality
Tafarnwr Owen
Tafarnwr Owen's Little Brother
Tafarnwr Plum Hollow Ivy
Tafarnwr Prince Of Wales OAP OJP
Tafarnwr Ravengael Brythwch
Tafarnwr Twobis Guenevere
Tafarnwr Twobis Little Miracle
Tafarnwr Twobis Rhiannon
Tafarnwr White Tornado
Talbot's Pocket Full Of Posies
Talbot's Trooping The Colours HT NAP NJP
Talbots My Black Satin Doll
Talbots New Day Dawning
Talbots Star Bright
Talbots True Blue
Tanalyn Carbon's Cameo
Tanalyn's Beryllium
Tanalyn's Carbon Dated
Tanalyn's Double Helix
Tanalyn's Vanadium
Toreth Coedwig Under The Bodhi Tree
Toreth Moxie Raven Lwynog
Toreth's Catch Me If You Can!
Visions Best Kept Secret
Visions Just Imagine
Visions Law Of Attraction
Visions Powerful Intentions
Winbucks Mosaic Wheel D'Fortune UDX9 OMG HT HSAd VCX
Wolfrun Afara Far and Away
Wolfrun Auntimame At Aldergate
Wolfrun Brave New World
Wolfrun Brengwain
Wolfrun Canterbury Tales
Wolfrun Coedwig's Angelou
Wolfrun Howard Mcdufurson
Wolfrun Mockingbird
Wolfrun Muchado Abt Nothing
Wolfrun Northstar Halo Effect
Wolfrun Promised Land
Wolfrun The Virginian
Wolfrun Treasure Island RN NA NAJ NF
Zircon Black Beauty OA OAP OAJ NJP
Registration#: DL57723505
AKC DNA #V82097
Coedwig's Arlene Star
Coedwig's Blkduck Forever Nite
Coedwig's Lynndee's Annie Oakley
Coedwig's Moonshine
Coedwig's Violetta Valentina
Winsdown Coedwig's Nitrate


Category Registry ID or Results Date
PRA: Other Tested clear, Registered

Coedwig's Carbon Blue ROMg

Spectrum Harlem Shuffle ROMs

Phi-Vestavia Nautilus PT CGC ROM-V-G

Salvenik Sea Treasure ROM-V-G

Phi's Amazing Grace Ap Ronel ROM-V-G

Davenitch Black-Fox Barketa AM CD CGC ROMs

Davenitch Clean Sweep ROMb

Megwyn's Cross Country Girl ROMs

Coedwig's Lilac ROMb

Winsdown Albert
White Fang Silver Moon

Winsdown Black Sequence

Davenitch Coedwig's Blueviolet
Megwyn's Night Hawk ROMb

Coedwig's Davenitch Lacey Blue