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AM CH Merrymoon Ebonwald I'M A Q T CGC STDs

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Registered Name: Merrymoon Ebonwald I'M A Q T CGC STDs
Prefix Titles: AM CH
Breeder: Barbara Hoffman
Owner: Garrett Ramsay
Kennel: Merrymoon
Sire: Pluperfect-Merrymoon Prince
Dam: Merrymoon Noblestar My Girl
Call Name: Ell
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: 1 OCT 2007
Date of Death:
Cause of Death:
Country of Birth: Canada
Country of Residence: USA
Height: 26.67 cm (10.5 inch)
Weight: 12.47 kg (27.49 pound)
Colour: Brindle and White
Distinguishing Features: blask mask, no collar or blaze
Website: www.ebonwald.com
Known Offspring:
Registration#: DN20661602
AKC DNA #V638464
Merrymoon Pluperfect P's N Q's
Merrymoon Quincy's Quiry THD


Category Registry ID or Results Date
Eyes: CERF WCC-1145
Heart: OFA WCC-CA41/16F/P-VPI 2/12/09
PRA: Other Normal
DM: Other Carrier

Merrymoon Ebonwald I'M A Q T CGC STDs

Pluperfect-Merrymoon Prince

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Pluperfect Pound Foolish

Pluperfect Pride N'Prejudice

Merrymoon Pluperfect Poppy

Merrymoon Noblestar Jacob

Pluperfect Pennyroyal

Merrymoon Noblestar My Girl

Mazara Merrymoon Reggae Bob

Rhydowen I Be Jammin NA TT ROMb

Cardach Happy's Blu Bootes

Merrymoon Noblestar Hot Ice

Phi-Vestavia Pirate's Patch

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