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AM CH Bearwoods Pied Piper Of PV

picture of dog
Registered Name: Bearwoods Pied Piper Of PV
Prefix Titles: AM CH
Breeder: Darlene Wright
Sire: Bearquest Linus
Dam: Kismet Sixth Sense
Call Name: Piper
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 16 JAN 1994
Date of Death:
Cause of Death:
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
Colour: Black and White with Tan
Distinguishing Features:
Known Offspring:
Baewyn Cameo's Oh Happy Days
Baewyn Cover Girl
Baewyn Gwylan Whoa Nellie
Baewyn Owen
Buster III
Carbon Cowboy
Cardi Dreams Polo's Rio Of Pv
Ceili Dancer Corley
Cheysuli Jean-Luc Picardigan NAP OJP
Cheysuli's Blaise
Cheysuli's Silver Lace
Cheysuli's Silver Lining
Coedwig's Beyond Suspicion
Coedwig's Blue Glacier RN
Coedwig's Civil Disobedience
Coedwig's Crime Of Passion
Coedwig's Flora Symbolica
Coedwig's Kirby Hyperbole
Coedwig's Majestic Blue Lilly CGC TDI
Coedwig's Pecanvalley Legal Eagle
Coedwig's Presumed Innocence
Coedwig's Romance Me Darlin'
Coedwig's Rylie
Coedwig's Three's The Charm
Deverry Tri A Lil Magic
Gatewyn's Edana CD HSAs NAJ AJP
Gatewyns Henry
Gatewyns Holly Beary Sugaree
Gatewyns J.D.
Gatewyns Red Dawg Days
Glasdawn's Indigo Girl
Glasdawn's Inky
Glasdawn's Juliet
High Time Beachcomber Jake
High Time Blue Moon Rising
High Time Blue Phoebe
High Time Escape To Live Oak
High Time Magic Moment
High Time The Blue Tattoo MX MXB MXJ MJB NF
Lady Arwyn Of Harrow Place
Llynhill Almost Persuaded
Llynhill Friendly Persuasion
Llynhill Gentle Persuasion ROMb
Llynhill Maximum Persuasion
Llynhill Razzleberry
Llynhill Rockets Red Glare
Magical Mystical Merlin
My Blue Bearwoods Tasha
PV Blue Print of Kismet
PV Gatewyn's Holly Golightly
Pecan Valley April May Loos
Pecan Valley Black Jack
Pecan Valley Candy Girl
Pecan Valley Carol Chaning
Pecan Valley Charlie Chaplin
Pecan Valley Cookies 'N Cream
Pecan Valley Ebonivory Lucy
Pecan Valley Ebony Tassel
Pecan Valley Equine Piper
Pecan Valley Gatewyn Girl
Pecan Valley II
Pecan Valley Macy Bleu
Pecan Valley Mandi Bleu
Pecan Valley Moonstruck NA
Pecan Valley Music Man
Pecan Valley My Blue Heaven
Pecan Valley Mycely Cynwely
Pecan Valley Once Ina Blue Moon
Pecan Valley Rafe
Pecan Valley Show Shoes
Pecan Valley Singing The Blues TDI
Pecan Valley Snow Shoes
Pecan Valley Tiger Pete
Pecan Valley Tri For The Sky
Pecan Valley V
Pecan Valley Velvet Lass
Pecan Valley Whimsical
Pecan Valley Zippity Do Daw
Pecan Valley's Kismet F2p
Pecan Valley-Sky Blue Dude
Rhydowen Pecan Valle Triton
Rhydowen Sunny Catherine
Schmitt's My Blue Skies
Tafarnwr Gulliver
Tafarnwr Oceanside Harlequin
Tafarnwr Pippi Longstocking
Tafarnwr Skye King
Tafarnwr The Maltese Cat
Telltail Copr Herwr
Telltail Finding Nemo
Telltail Mayflower Madam
Telltail T for Two ROMg
Telltail's Always Fear The Don
Telltail's Hoodoo Voodoo RN
Titus Andronicus
Westwind's The Water Boy
Registration#: DL51890601
Registry: AKC
AKC DNA #V130519
Bearwoods Morgan


Category Registry ID or Results Date
PRA: Unknown Tested Clear, registered

Bearwoods Pied Piper Of PV
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Kismet Sixth Sense

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