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AM CH Lord Jim's Lucky Domino ROMg

picture of dog
Registered Name: Lord Jim's Lucky Domino ROMg
Prefix Titles: AM CH
Breeder: Dr. William Killay
Mrs. William Killay
Owner: Pat Santi
Sire: Swansea Punch
Dam: Springdale Arabella
Call Name: Pup Pup
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 18 DEC 1959
Date of Death:
Cause of Death:
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
Colour: Black and White with Tan
Distinguishing Features:
Known Offspring:
Autra Augustus Caesar
Cambria's Agnes
Chez's Red Baron
Daleviz Swansea Judy
Domino's Beau Jester
Gwynedd Jamie
Hillsborough Toss Pot Felix
Hillsborough Toss Pot Pepper
Konack's Calamity Jane
Lady Alice
Speedy's Porkchop of Swansea CDX
Springdale Droednoeth
Springdale Myfanwy
Springdale Terry
Swansea Amber Love Song
Swansea Blue Denim
Swansea Blue Jeans of Cambria
Swansea Blue Velvet CD
Swansea Bryn Fox
Swansea Bunny Black CD
Swansea Cheer Up I'm Here CD
Swansea Corikk of Cambria
Swansea Cricket Beau
Swansea Dawn
Swansea Denbigh Ayn
Swansea Domino Too O' Dorisu
Swansea Fianuala
Swansea Flying Fritzi
Swansea Glyn Of Dry Creek
Swansea Heather
Swansea I'm A Honey
Swansea Lady Ayn
Swansea Lord of Rhydowen AM CD ROMs
Swansea Lucky Domino
Swansea Megan Of Hoheit
Swansea Mitzi
Swansea Muffie
Swansea Myrddin
Swansea Nicky
Swansea Pick-A-Dilly
Swansea Pirate Treasure CD
Swansea Princess Ayn
Swansea Queen Of Hearts
Swansea Shasta
Swansea Sheila
Swansea Sweetheart
Swansea The End Of A Trail
Tee Jay's Swansea Sugar CDX
Zam's Blue Sapphire
Zam's Crown Jewel
Registration#: WA085922
Registry: AKC
WD BOW BOB at the 1960 CWCCA nat'ls with an entry of 34, Mr. Vincent G. Perry judging. Best In Puppy Sweepstakes at the 1960 CWCCA nat'ls Mrs. Wilhelmina Botticher judging BOB at the 1961 CWCCA nat'ls with an entry of 25, Mrs. Frank C. Butcher judging. BOB at the 1962 CWCCA nat'ls with an entry of 19, Mr. Alva Rosenberg judging. BOB at the 1963 Eastern region CWCCA nat'ls with an entry of 45, Mr. Llewellyn T. Francis judging. BOB at the 1967 CWCCA nat'ls with an entry of 40, Mrs. C. Firbank judging
Lexine of Glendower
Rumpelstilchen of Smoketree
Springdale Brangwyn CD
Springdale Halsgaifawny
Springdale Karno
Swansea Sayra

Lord Jim's Lucky Domino ROMg
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